Thursday, September 24, 2009

not because i ate too much

I was reading Women's Weekly Oct 2009 issue when I discover this article saying , stress goes down to waist line... o la la la ... I was singing.. my mystery solve.
Now I know on why I had built up too much of unwanted muscle around my waist line :)
Everybody said I was eating a lot!
But in real fact not at all..

I tried to skip rice and even skip lunch.. but that big bulky ring on my belly keep growing.
Same goes with my exercise regime..
I do sit up.
I do stretch up.
Yoga and dance .. ah ! name it!
been there ! done that!
not an inche reduction... ah! so frustrated !

But after I discover that not because what I ate..its not a problem..
i change strategy!
hihihiihihihiih.... secret weapon for new me... new body.. new attitude mmm that attitude part a bit difficult hahaha...

Now.. let me read one chapter of that leadership dynamic for my exam...

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