Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We come in a package

Wow! nice Wednesday morning traffic.
If I know the road going to be this smooth ,I should have stop at that Petronas station to reload my smart tag. The balance is running low. I can't even enter KLCC with my smart tag. I guess they only accept RM30 and above. hahaha..

Look like everybody is back to their respective hometown.
I am imagining everybody busy wrapping the 'ketupat' and 'bakar' the 'lemang'.
I miss those days!
I don't mean I miss me doing all those things.
Hehehehe... me love to eat and being bossy around only kekeke...
I am not one person who will get excited with baking the cookies or something.
I like to see all those pretty cookies and listen to their fantastic name but not so very keen in eating those thing.

Feeling a bit lazy to drive north on Friday morning at 3.30am but I oblige to do so.

Today that fella aka my pot rice is flying out from Yangon to KL.
Then tomorrow will be a hectic day for me.
Hopefully don't have to be at work until late night.
I need a break too.... ok.
I am 'Raya'ing too you know.
I heard the other fella aka my worst enemy is flying back on Friday.
Yeah! I smell trouble. Since the trouble maker is coming back.......

I read in news KIA motors Boss is resigning due to mass re call due to electrical faulty and so on. Almost 10,000 cars affected. Sometimes when we think back about Boss or CEO resigning due to problems.I believe the Boss are not the one who assemble the car or even install the wiring or what so ever. For sure there are thousands of employees working under his wings. He need to be blame for his employee's fault and lack of sense of responsibility to maintain the quality and ensure the safety. Do we want to label these CEO or Boss as being a 'chicken'? or a 'with drawer'? 'coward'? ' pride'?
It is hard for us to comment on this. We are not in their shoes at that point of time.

Since I am one of the General here in this company, me too sometimes facing same problems with my down level people.Yeah Yeah.... they a down level that why they are thinking this way. Common!!!! excuses after excuses then they should not grumble too much on getting lower salary by doing so much of donkey work! They thought we up here earning so much for kind of responsibility that we are going to take.

When I employed a person, I accepted their weakness and strengths. I always believe people come with a package. However, an individual should have sense of responsibility to protect him or herself, people around and also the leader above them.
If you happens to be without that kind of sense, for me you are are one who deserve to work alone or you may harm others life.

If you don't want to be a down level people forever think like a leader and take responsibility as a leader then your future is much more brighter.
For my opinion ones working or live their life without sense of responsibility deserve to work as a support forever. But still this is just my perception. You may have your own argument on this.
Yet luck also play important role too........Life must go on.... no matter what!

My current position too is very tough one.... I came to the point of withdrawal but then I stand up again to face the battle full heart and hope to achieve the victory soon... I am closer to that...I have faith in my ability. If I go out from this place I want to walk out as a winner!!!! I keep telling myself this phrase and keep repeating this in my heart..... can think it out aloud or people think I am crazy woman.... kekekeke

Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim around the world!

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