Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon@Levain

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ No. 7, Jalan Delima Kuala Lumpur

I am Dom... Bran Dom..

Match Box salad

Freakonomic??? Jamie??

Jamie getting smaller and smaller or am I getting bigger and bigger???

Shawl from Jamie all the way from Cambodia.... I like the casing

Peace Dom Peace no more fight

I told you no more fighting... here come my scorpion bite... aishhhhh..

Watch it baby!!!! talk to my hand....

Oh Tuhan!!!! berikan la aku cahaya yang terang... ooppppsss masa depan yang cerah, i mean..

Dry Curry Pasta

ahahahahaha.... book again??? ahahahaha book again...

Thank you Dom & Jamie... beautiful and thoughtful gift.. i love it

Finally .... come to mama come to mama

Feminine side of me... ayu tak???

French twist???? or one twisted lady???

Jamie is drowning by the size of both of her friends...

I like this shot very much

Busy with their gadget.... ready to shoot....

Talent yang sesat over acting expression... cut!!!! you suppose to make that bread look yummy dom... not creepy!!!

Owwww!!!! itu cili padi... the camera is bigger than her face wakakakaka (dont't angry ya Jamie)

Lovely evening with both friends of 6 years

Yeah baby!!!! I 'm definately a woman and I enjoy it....

Mont Blanc

Cold potato salad

This pasta is so so so so nice but I forgot the name... they said this is the most famous one.. and that pumpkin soup is yummy and creamy

Dry curry pasta... not my favourite because my heart belong to the other pasta the one that famous but forgotten the name...uwaaaaa aging and proven...
I enjoy spending Sunday and fun afternoon with you both... For Jamie hope you always in mint health and please please take care of yourself...
For Dom... book I bought you and my unique hand written quotes in the book tell it all... Just take care when you far away at others place... jia yor jia yor Dom!!!!!
If you need consultancy and motivation talk for your staff ... do give me a call..if you need marketing strategy and research do call me too and if you need bla bla bla bla here we go me trying my best to promote myself......

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