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Valued Voice
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My various weekend finally

Whoa!!! don't really achieve much this weekend.
I wish I have extended weekend..... wahahahaha or never ending weekend.
Eat and eat and eat... the most enjoyable moment in life...

My Saturday Brunch.....being greedy again! squid sambal, omelete, triangle bean & chicken rendang... mmmmm rated 4/10

Saturday brunch dessert.... sweet sweet cupcakes... yucksss!!!! rated 1/10.... I want bisou cupcakes

I saw hanging duriansssss just now

Sunday brunch - Tarbush Lamb briyani rated 5/10... I wish its hot but serve it cold...

Tarbush - lamb swarma...rated 5/10...not bad!

not to forget me ehehehe

Sunday teatime - 2 cute egg tarts

plus one cute girl kakakaka

and another cute girl wahahahaha

plate of enemy @ the gate toast bread

one special brew coffee ooopppsss kopi!

broken dam toast bread

and another cute sailormoon pose

Christmas feel @ Pavillion... ahahaha same old tree and deco like last year

and me again

Faranheit Christmas deco for the first time

Me digging into my pocket for more moeny and wish could spend at Farenheit

me and my popeye muscle arm
good and marvellous wet evening...... went back home to my computer for Hyun Joong show


  1. it is 11pm and I am seeing lots of foods in your blog. And I am going to eat something, and I am gaining some weight again. Can I put the blame on you LOL

  2. Hi Aiwei, be my guess!!!! kekekeke .. my passion is food. Eat Eat play play pray pray love love kakakaka


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