Thursday, December 9, 2010

I give up Hyun Joong

Due to some urgency , I have to stay out until almost 1am in the morning.
I reached home almost 1.44am and end up with severe headache!
I am not able to wake up from my bed and only able to force myself at almost 1.00pm.
Doc verdict.... I am suffering with very low blood pressure. It drop to almost 90/120 and it cause me headache and doc request me to rest well and avoid higher ground.

Re think about what had happened last night... its like a dream and almost end up....I have nothing to comment and speechless with the response that I received.... and the treatment that I got... no matter in what situation... appreciate is not only word to utter because it is just meaningless but action is most important... Adult is adult and they have to be responsible in whatever path they choose.... its applies to everyone with no exemption... no such thing as you are not at right mind.... word is word .... done is done.... with not regret... just face it and move on.... jia yor jia yor!

I was on MC but yet hooked up with work. As usual problems after problems. My sweet colleague message me and ask me to continue on MC tomorrow. she said problem wiating for me. mmmmmm how long can we run away from problem. All I need is just ot face it!
At least she is kind enough and allow me to prepare myself to deal with it. Arigato!

Anyway here are my various last weekends treats..... after suffering from frequent vomitting and stressful life!

Ah! Hyun Joong was in Malaysia, he was at Pavillion and I was there too... Anyway by just lookign at the lines of beesss waiting for his autograph... I said to myself ... you just need to give him up to all this girls and treat this as charity hahahahaha... positive thinking and make feel lot better... saranghae ahahahahaha....

My treat on Friday nite! Mark & SpencerMini Milk Choc Fingers!!! yummy

hanging bowl


my bright bright smile

hanging crystal

Bamboo princess


supermodel???? ahahaha tak jadi

classic pose

muak muak muakssss Christmas cheers!

My Saturday brunch before i poison myself with my cooking on Sunday ahahaha do not cook again... I end up boiling my expire seaweed soup

Look at that horroer in her eyes.... my attempt to mock on this kiddo.... yeah! I am such a bad old woman ... bully the kid

Ipoh curry laksa ... again my Saturday brunch

My Saturday tea time brownie

I didn't eat this ..... just look yummy .... loaf of bread from lavendar

Hot & roll

Crispy satay chicken for Saturday teatime??? mmmm not that nice.... i dont really like it

My Saturday dinner.... dry koay teow with prawns

My Saturday dinner Hainan Cham.... I can't sleep due to this ..... sleepless saturday night

Awal Muharram Cendol Special treat at Uncle Hussain Cendol..... not that nice.... it is cendol cocktails....
1st and last treat!!!!!

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