Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying to loose weight

I was trying hard to eat healthily this week.
Monday morning breakfast oat blend with strawberries, anlene milk and yogurt. I have spinach soup with 2 beancurd and then I skip dinner. At night continue my dance routine of kpop song for an hour.
Result for Monday.....uhuhuhuhuhu can't sleep because too hungry.

Tuesday morning, compensate with half plate of 'nasi lemak' (yeah! the most fattening food in Malaysia)kekekekeke... here goes my healthy diet. Obviously , my dream to have 'S' line pass by just like that.huhuhuhuhuhu Nowadays, I feel I am so lack of discipline:(

Yesterday, I received a call from one candidate who sent his resume via online.
Yeah! I read his application but just not ready to interview him yet due to his technical background. I need suitable technical staff to interview him. He kind of oversold himself calling to my office at least 4 times. I come to extend to instruct my girl not to put him through to me. I took his first call and he keep selling himself , he is young and capable and bla bla bla.... so what? I told him we will call him if we interested to see him. He then go on with today he is on leave and available to come for interview even if I call him now. Again... so what??? Even if you are free, does not mean I am free to see you.
Some people shown me their mental problem even before I call them in. I better avoid this type of people.

Today, the chaotic man is back to office.
I am just waiting patiently for all the problem he is going to pour towards my team and myself.
So call Corporate man act like a moron! That is all all of us see him now.

Yesterday afternoon, my Head of Engineer came over to see me and talk about his plan for his team and his intention to move ahead. This man full of knowledge but lack of leadership and organizational skills. He raised out his problem on handling the so called corporate man in our company. This man good in creating problem and sweep away under the carpet. When the problem burst out he will happily 'tai chi' away the the technical team. But the amazing thing is Boss love him very much. His technical knowledge only 15%. I did give some advice to my Head of engineer to get himself more visible in front of the Boss. Be more aggressive and act fast. This is the way to climb out. Forget about the so called corporate man. Gather all your team and create stronger team to be in your side in this way you could push away that trouble maker.

I just can't wait for more Dramas coming up in this office!

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