Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learning to let go

I was sleeping like a baby last night.
So happy finally I experience the feeling of having a good night sleep.
Too tired. I think I went off almost 12 midnight. Yeah! Cinderella style.

My reading session last night is really meaningful.
I learn many things from the book I bought.
Many of us have thought what we have read from the book, it just we never written it down like those authors who are earning the cash out of what they wrote.

We read it. So what? Do we really dare to apply in real life.
Reading from the book is just theory but the most important is to dare yourself to practice what you have read.

It is experience from other by accident and they are now telling it as a story.

Here are something I pick up from the book that interest me a lot.

" Where you are in your present situation is not nearly important as where you are going in your life."
" All successful living is about direction, and as long as you consistently move in the direction of your dreams, you are on your way to a life free of the limitations of the past."

Well, this make sense .... it is all about direction to reach your destination.

There is another thing that I have learned and I can say many of us dare not take this route.
I was saying in previous entry about this book call 'Letting go of your banana'.
I dont finish my reading yet just at 1st chapter and getting interesting to share to my friends out there.

It is about in Africa where they catch monkey by putting banana inside the narrow to jar.
The monkey will come to dip their hand and grip the banana and their hand got stuck into the jar and they could be catch easily. This monkey have choice to let go off the banana but remain hang on to it until this banana get rotten and stink finally the monkey got no choice to let go but at this time too late because he got caught.

Same goes to all of us.
We work. We grumble. We complaint. We bitch around. But we still remain there. Working at the same place until thing got ugly or uncomfortable situation then it is too late since damage have been done.

We are not willing to let go even though we sense trouble.
We only letting go when we have no choice.
Why we still not letting go? Because we feel comfortable at where we are right now.
Why we could not move on? Because we couldnt dare to take the first step.

As I once said this in my previous entry, Life is not easy and it is no joke either!

Anyway let me finish the book first! hihihihihihihi

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