Tuesday, June 7, 2011


How to resist this temptation?
I am talking about Ipad2......
Tempting to order online that 32Gb Gadget from that Apple Store!
Can God give me more strength and don't make me loose again this time?

I love school holiday.
Traffic was smooth like jelly.
I like it ! I like it! ahak ahak...:)

Boss not around! Time to lofting around.. kekekeke
yeah! yeah! as long as I can deliver good result anything will do.

Read an article about that covered woman who want all the wife in Malaysia to act like a prostitute in front of husband. Aissshhhh... she better go find something better to get famous over night! Maybe her statement was misinterpreted by the media. We don't know! Whatever it is all woman in the world, please get your feet together and put your head up. Your husband is just a human and they are not God. Come to your senses and  live as individual like normal human did!

My Eel Jang Keun Suk was here last week. It was late when my friend told me he has 2 tickets to Jang's Cri Show. I was at Cititel for my property seminar at that time. Ah! again my Jang I will like you from far..... just like Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong.

My body was aching due to my cardio work out on Sunday evening.
Uwaaaaaa..... plus my pms... so suffering this week.
My abs hurt a lot!

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