Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Boss

I my previous entry I wrote on 'How to survive difficult Boss'  and office politics.
Working with difficult boss is one of the hardest challenge in work life.
Face it! you may love your job but if you hate your boss .... how are you going to continue working???
You won't stay long there... again I repeat this phrase - 'People quit the boss not the job or company'.

Find out your boss type or which type of boss , are you????

The Dictator
- Their leadership style is authoritative style but open for input and they prefer direct communication style.
- they know everything and expect everything to be done on his way. Whoa!!! I worked with one before. Horrible!

The Abuser
- get ready to be cursed and be hurt.
- They are basically is a toxic person. If you kind of sensitive person you may end up your day miserably and in sad!!!

The Idiot
- ah! this type no nothing about what they are doing. They be your boss because they are luckier.
- the worst thing is they themselve never realise they are an idiot! hahahaha
- they may end up making hasty decisions due to lack of knowledge and information. DANGEROUS!!!!

The Procrastinator
- not very organised and end up being indecisive. Ah! make thing difficult for people to move on!

The Micromanager
- this type of Boss can never let go.
- can't give up on their control and make sure they involve in every detail of the work.
- Basically the company live with him and die together with him too.

Many more to list down... whatever we do just try to understand our boss and try to work around him. Stratergies your way to deal with him to make sure your working relation successful and if you see yourself as highlevel people try your way to managing up! I talk about managing up soon.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ridiculous Happinest

This morning I was in heavy traffic for almost 4 hours.
At one point I feel hopeless and almost give up to reach office.
I wish I could see the twin tower in front  of me but to my disappointment I can only see the same car behind for the whole time.

I was like uhuhuhuhuh...
I want cooooffffeeeee...
I want my bread!!!!
I want to go toilet my bladder is going to explode soooooonnnn....

My feeling at that point....almost the reverse of orgasm... huhuhuhu

Talking about my ridiculous happinest which lead to psychonest in me.

Everyday, I will try to keep myself happy and live my life positively.

On the road
- I will feel happy if I can use my usual lane.

While I am driving
- air my favourite song

- my coffee according to my taste.
- toast bread is perfectly toasted.

- I manage to solve problem for people.

At night
- watch my favourite program and laugh happily

- I get 50% discount for item I like

I can smile the whole day for all this.
Bu if somebody suddenly make me unhappy - I will feel sad like I want to bury myself alive.

I told all above to my friend and do you know what she said,

"Dear this is ridiculous and people call this as symptom of psycho.... ehehehehehehe...."

...and my face is sour than sour plum... and suddenly I think I am psycho and ridiculous woman!

Whatever!!! as long as I am happy... hahahahaha

Happy Friday and good weekend!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to survive a difficult boss

My friends message me via FB last night and the message read like this,

" Woit! woman you too free ar??? Update your blog many times in a day??? Thought you always a busy woman??? Please explain to me you over free timeeeeee!!!! "

Big LOL first - not that I am too free but most of the post done the day before and most of post are schedule but yesterday one are totally screwed up case and I wrongly entered the time. Here I am no more stock in hand to published :(

Chatting to one of ex colleague last night and she finally found herself new job. Whoa! finally you will be out of that place. To cut the story short my previous boss is the most difficult boss to please. People in the industry who see me survive with him for almost 3 and half year, respect my survival like I am a GODDESS! hahaha ...bragging again! Remember my previous entry? Don't talk negative about your previous employer. I would like to add to that. " We could learn from their mistake and turn the negative into positive ".

Have you heard about this before? People don't quit the job but people quit the boss!
Sometimes due to personal reason we can't just quit the job and leave you with no choice but to deal with this boss.
I will write about type of bosses in another entry soon.

Here are some pointers for your to note for your surviving with difficult and ridiculous boss.

* Note on your boss 's mood swings (If lady boss you better find a way to note on her PMS notice period too)

* Maintain your emotional composure and don't let Boss affect you

* If he/she speak in harsh manner or yell and curse at you - just look at her/him blank or pretend you don't concern at all as if he/she talking to the wall.

* Proof to your boss that you are trying your best most of the time. Always stay ahead of him /her and if ask for certain things you have the answer right away. (I always maintain myself as resourceful)

* Do not remain silence if he /she say something crosses a line. (you don't have to shout at him but you could reply back in a smart way until he feel respect to you)

* Be patience

* Be humble

* Don't take thing personally

In my opinion in work you need to always keep in mind that the ultimate thing is - HE IS THE BOSS and he pay your end month salary.

If you can't afford to leave you have to face this difficult boss with a brave face and deal with him as a winner in your own way!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reason for Job Hopper

Grasshopper is name given to this job hopper.
Looking to my resume history, Big YES! I am one of the Grasshopper. big LOL!
I have my own reason to change my job most of the time and it is among few of the listed below.

Do you know that most of job hopper is only thinking about me me me???
Well, who is not? If you not thinking about you, then who will think about you??? hahaha... it is always about me me me me... right???

Reason for job hopper :

  1. Boring with current place
  2. Not enough enhancement opportunities
  3. See no future for growth ( I guess similar to above)
  4. Hate the boss (most of us did)
  5. no contribution recognition
  6. no reward on contribution
  7. feel devalued
  8. current employer not big enough
  9. no more challenge
  10. loose trust towards company
  11. employer is unethical
  12. don't paid enough money
  13. cannot get along with co worker (loner)
  14. workplace environment is not good
  15. current employer not fit them
What is your reason for job hopping???? Feel free to add in , if not listed here... :)

How to cover up you job- hopping habit to your future employer??

  1. Company close down
  2. Company taken over by other company or merger and they bring in their own team (this is common reason given and safer)
  3. owner retires (applicable to small and medium company)
  4. contractual basis and now looking for permanent job for security (most common reason I received lately)
  5. personality conflicts with managers or other co staff member (I received this reason the other)
  6. health reason (for future employer , careful with this candidate)
  7. limited career progression and development opportunities (good choice of reason)
  8. company move to inconvenient location to commute to work
There are more to list down and I am tired to write further. Do you have anymore to add?

How to overcome a job hopping image?

- Elaborate more about previous work history reason to leave and always display that you were caught in unfortunate circumstances like company close down and so on and on. Don't forget to let them know you are still in good relation with your previous boss.

- Try to demonstrate your are a good worker (an ant)

- Deviate from talking on job hopping history and more towards your contribution, awards, achievement in work. Talk more on your abilities and if this support with some recommendation letter or testimonial and you are doing just GREAT!

DO NOT talk about negative reason on why you leave the job and most important don't bitch about your company and boss.

Bragging again

Last Week traffic to my blog

Traffic to my blog last month... yeah I know nothing to brag about with just only 359 visitors . Others like receive million. Anyway, I kind of happy people in other part of the world know of my existence on earth even though I am not in Forbes Magazines or famous like Paris Hilton.

My online diary traffic

Whoa!!!! not bad huh?
Traffic for my blog came from all over the world.
This is the snapshot from nuffnang for yesterday traffic to my blog.
Even Korea? Do you think Lee Min Ho is reading my diary???
Yeah! in my sweetest dream right???

Life Complaints

Many of us spend time complaint about our work during lunch break or happy hours time.
Its not wrong if it is positive bitching. As long as don't harm other, you could release your stress by talking about it.
Do you know most of us thought we are the most unluckiest person?
Facing the tough life and many more problems in life and work and relationship?

Yesterday after the lunch break , my colleague and I took the lift up to our office.
In the life there is 4 more other ladies.
There was this lady complaint to another lady about one of other colleague.
I guess she is bitching about her supervisor .

After our lift reached to our office floor while walking towards our office I turn to my friend and told her about she is not the only one having the 'toughest life'.
Many others on the same boat and may be they are in the worst boat and waiting to sink or sinking by now.

Imagine this :

* when you are getting scold by your boss......    somewhere out there at other place many people get terminated.

* when you are having big argument with your partner or husband......... somebody else got beaten or even killed

* when your food taste is suck...... other people don't even have anything to eat

* when you are sick and helpless...... somebody else is on dying bed

* when you have not enough money left..... others don't even have a single sen

* when you are complaining heavy traffic and congested road....... others have to wait for the bus or even standing in the 'sardine pack' public transport

* when you are complaining your room or house too small..... others don't even have place to live

* when you are complaining your are boring with your wardrobe collections....... others don't even have things to wear or any choice at all.

Many more too complaint.......dare us complaining on what we are having now????

Be thankful and wish for bless from our God!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slimming deal

Who says I don't like discount?
I am one of those discount freak who always on the look out for great bargain.
We don't need to spend much if we have chance to get good deal right?

I was trying hard to loose weight lately.
Exercise and try my best to watch my food intake and so on.
Not even 100 gm loose on my body fat.
Yeah! it was reverse effect indeed.
Last week when I weight myself I gain extra 1kg.Aiyooo!!!!!

When I was adoring my blog one day and the ad from milk deal came appear in my blog for slimming deal.
Without hesitation I quickly sign up for

Deal for the day that caught my eye is

RM38 instead of RM940 for E - Intense Full Body Treatment + 1 Tummy Flat Treatment (96% off)

Yeah! bought it for RM38. Received the voucher instantly after I paid and printed.

Now my problem to use it. Noted on the expiry date on Sep 2011.
mmmmm... I don't know whether I could go there with strong mindset without getting piss off with those desperate sales people to sell me the slimming package. I need to do some strategies before dropping by for appointment to use my voucher. I thought of using this Saturday but my car need to send for regular check up by this week.
I will write all about my trip there soon......

Try my luck

I tried my luck to get my page rank with . My claim code 5Q5CMEK7AJ5X.

Positive mind

This morning I woke up with feeling the pain on my right feet bunion area.
Intolerable painful bone!!!! Hurting like you are dying...

I look at my alarm clock beside my bed, it was 4.30am.
Uh! here I am lying on my bed with painful feet.

I was at office very early this morning.
Decided to have thosai with dhal for breakfast.
Eat a little and my appetite totally gone.
I just can't eat it all.
Last night my only dinner was mushroom soup and this went down to my toilet bowl.
My system a bit out this week.

Yesterday lunch I was telling my colleague lets go to different food place since next week I can't join her for lunch due to fasting month. Yesterday menu was Briyani Rice from Wisma Central. Then we visited temple nearby for Chinese Red Bean and Peanut pancake for dessert. All of them went to the toilet bowl . Here goes my luxury lunch.I just feel headache and what I ate just wanna go out!

Am I sick??? My system starting to malfunction again? Ah! I need to change management again. Horrible! All situation is so yuckyyyy!!!!

Hope to day ok, I just eat a little and thats it with hope I doesn't throw again. God bless!!!!!

Happy working everybody!
We sick or we sad ...we still need to work with happy mind and face. Go away all the negative ... I welcome the positive.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Office Politics

For those who just started work, Welcome to adulthood!
Earn some cash , be committed and take responsible.
Working life is not as easy as student life. But hey student life is not easy too!
Well trust me working life is a lot tougher.

Not only all about work you need to concern and be prepared for office politic.
Say what? Politic? I am not working in parliament or white house or blue house.
Just decent job want to earn cash then live.

Hahahaha... don't be so naive.
There are people around us when we are working even in animal community they have politic.
Office politic can make you loose you job and can make you climb up higher.
Well it depends how smart you are in playing this game. Yup! I call this office game instead of office politic.

How to make sure you are playing smart game in office?

1. Be focus on circle of imfluence
Bitching and complaining is a norm in office world! Gossipping can be the release to your stress. When somebody gossipping about you and trying to bring you down in front of your boss... don't feel victimised but instead just stay focus to your circle of influence. You may not change on the eventual outcome but you could walk away knowing that you have done the best within the circumtances. Well trust me your boss will come to appreciate you as someone understanding and positive.

2. Don't take side
It is normal you come to the situation where you are the sandwiche. What you need to do? Be focus on business and what is the objective behind the whole situation and never take side. If need arise to comment stay within neutral side and to give more constructive opinion which lead towards the ultimate business objective.

3. Don't get personal
EQ challenge for everybody. You need to build you own alliance which you could tap into. This can cover you during any crisis when ill intention people who trying to screw you up. People tend to remember moment when they were humiliated or insulted. Be nice to people around you and do not burst out! How good you are in your work if other people see you as difficult people to work with and no way your boss will promote you.

4. Know your choice
You can't beat them join them! You read that phrase somewhere? Well its common! That is normal human reaction for survival. Whatever you do make sure your choice are healthy for your growth!

5. What you need to achieve?
Do you know resistence is always difficult and people hate resistence? When conflict situation arise try ti mitigate in peace and try to resolve focus towards the business objective.
Boss will always appreciate someone who is mature , strategic and can be entrusted with bigger responsibilities.

Important note to all .... be humble and think before you talk or act. Always think on the consequences for both. You can make many friends in work place or in life for sure but don't create an enemy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enjoy my meal

Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake - I ate yesterday at Sg Wang 3rd Floor...mmm yummy!!! love it!

 My favourite Koay Teow Mee Penang Fried from Food Republic Pavillion... like it!

Previous weeks indulgence.... yeah! I was so lazy to upload photos once upon a time.... onde onde from Mid Valley  and below my others foodies photos...

 Thai Reastaurant dessert from Mid Valley... refreshing!

 Thai style fried mee

 Pineapples fried rice

 Heavy duty breakfast... Malaysian style!!!

My favourite snack from Shillin Taiwan Street counter... Plum Sweet Potato... yummy

God Bless me!!!! Thank you! I am still alive comfortably , healthy with good food and love by people around. Thank you God for giving me this opportunity! Love you! I will cherrish this moment and will always remember...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Not hardworking

I am so happy today is Friday!
Weird thing I received 2 unexpected visitors  this morning but I manage it well although I don't wish to see them.

Can't wait for 6.00pm but when I went out from car park just now.
Oh hell!!!! deadlocked every where and I no where out. 
Horrible! Thought of going to KLCC just to wait jam subside but it is impossible.
and that shontelle song keep coming to my head singing.... NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY... arrrggghhh!!!
Shontelle song don't have that arrrggghhh sound ...ehehehe..

Back to office parking and up to my office.
My habit could not relax at all .... when I am in office.. I start working!!!!

huhuhuhuh force to work la...

Stupid traffic... trouble people..everybody will be thinking the same like me too

Why these people buy car hor???
Can't take public transport meh???

I have excuse my place not convenient to public transport la...

My excuse??? I think everybody have the same thoughts and that is why its jam everywhere now... huhuhuhuhuuu...

Tomorrow morning off to see Doctor again for my aging sickness.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reverse effect

Tonight Chelsea vs Harimau Malaya, who will win??
Hope they play a good game and at least our players could score at least one goal.
If you want to loose at least grip something to hold on.

My medication intake for my left shoulder pain is not doing well.
I feel painful to my stomach when I took that pill the doctor presecribed to me.
Maybe I should stop before thing get worsen.
I search through the pill he presecribed is quite fatal if body is weak.
Guess I am at that category.

Next week will be going for another appointment to find out why from left shoulder and now my right shoulder and neck is hurting me too.
My left hand is ginving me so much pain.
I can't dress freely because not easy to lift up my hand without pain and cracking sound.
I wish it is a straight road all the way.
Every time I turn my steering my hand will hurt and can hear the cracking sound.

... and I am now officially Princess Cracking!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surrender to Orthopedic

I don't have chance posting my entry yesterday.
Not feeling well.
I went to see GP yesterday morning for my neck and shoulder pain.
She then referred me to Orthopedic Specialist whom I visited this morning.

Took time off. and waited since 8.45am at the hospital near my house.
Finally got to see that Doctor at 10am and he ask me do some exercise and when he saw me doing it while he is holding my arm. He said no need to explain is very obvious! hahahah... safe on the explanation part.
He then asked me to go for X Ray and come back right after.

X ray result turn out my tendon is slanting on the odd way that is the reason it affected my neck as well. and the klak klik klak klik sound is due the movement is touching the slanting tendon.
Even my shoulder joint is not like normal people. Other will shows black color but mind is in white which is very not common and mean exhausted.
This is my left hand condition and I am left handed.
Doctor said he don't suggest for surgery for now.
He give me some type of steroid injection to my shoulder and ask me to take one medicine every night then observe for 6 weeks. He said this is his first time giving to woman without even any painful sound. He could hear the sound of the needle touching my bones and he know it is very painful.
Huh! don't he know that I endure the pain as much as I can just to look cool!!!!
Who said it's not painful????
The feeling is like ... I can tear that bed apart... That is how I feel at that time but I manage to remain expressionless.

If I am responding well , I will not feel hurt anymore but if reverse case then I need to go MRI and surgery. This is worst case. Which I hope not to this extend and inconvenient for my precious left hand.

Next follow up will be after 6 weeks which will be on 6 Sep 2011.
For now can't put to much pressure to my left hand and also can't even lift up my hand.
This is consider very minor to compare to others. I will endure the pain for recovery sake.

I also asked the Doctor on my severe bunion case.
He said surgery!
But he said many will not opt to this due to inconvenient.
Take 2 months to not move  the foot and 6 months to recover.
How sure the bunion wont grow back he said normally the chances is less for it to grow for my type of bunion.
I need to consider further and plan for something.

Not easy when you body is getting aging and show the sign on defect.
I am still lucky as my case is not so serious to compare with the handicapped.
I am bless. Thank you God!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Marathon

Sunday morning!!!!!
Love the feeling of peacefulness.
Today's breakfast with omellete with Shitake and parmesan cheese and one freshly bake wholemeal farmer roll bread. Oh! one long black coffee.... Thank God for the good food. I am bless!

Yesterday was my movies marathon day.
Transformer 3 and Harry Potter back to back session.
I kind of like Transformer 3 even though the story line is stereotype.
Well, what do you expect from Michael Bay direction?

One of the movie scene , the part when that Sam Witwicky went for an interview with that old man with white shirt. That scene remind me to my interview session. Look a like scene after I change my strategy of interviewing .... hahahaha hillarious scene when I got to see myself live... oh! of course I look much more better than that old man.

When I was in between running towards my Harry Potter, there is this father and son conversation which I could not resist to eardrop. Yeah! nosy woman just can't drop her bad habit.

Dad : Boy! are you sure no more urine ar???
Small boy : no..
Dad : No more pee pee arrrrr??? are you sure no more shii shii arrr???
Small boy : (With very stress and upset look to daddy) nooo...

Ah! poor that small boy I am imagining the small boy standing in toilet while dad standing beside or behind him said sssssshhhhhhhhh pee pee pee pee shhiii shhhiiii... the boy need to squeeze out to the last drop.
Why? Just because dad lazy to go in and out the movie theater.
Like that also can?

If I were given a chance to be parent (which is not really hoping for it . Yeah! not my style! I made up my mind to remain my single life) I will not opt to watch at cinema for a movie. Just make sure my house have one flat big screen tv with good surrounding sound system and just watch it at home. Free hassle! Yeah! of course these scene if my lifestyle and economy is good!affordable...

Oh ya! many of my stalker keep asking why I did not upload anymore of my crazy camwhore photos these days???
I am sorry my beloved stalker , I am saving it for my beijing trip.
I will upload more photos after that.
I am saving ....
I have mission to complete during my beijing trip and surprise all my stalker and myself too!

Aigoooo.... very busy for my new challenge in work and life soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 3

Wet Friday!
But wet or dry .... its Friday everyone!!!!!!
I like it!

Today my staff almost drop their jaw to see many candidates coming in non stop.
That means I double booked myself to see those people.
Well... I did this on purpose.
I just want to see how human re act on competition.
I asked them to be place in the same room while filling up the forms.
At least 5 - 6 of them in the same room as early as 9.30am.
My interview for the day stop at 1.30pm. Just nice for my lunch.

I am not going to write anything about the candidates tonight.
Tired I guess.
Not much different but bearable and I made my decision by evening.

Oooopppsss!!! today I make one candidate cried.
Not in purpose hope because she reflect after seeing me.
If she feel down after meeting me today... hope God will forgive me because God knows I don't intentionally but my mean is to make them wake up from our government lullaby.

Of course, gather my staff and discuss about my choice of new team member.
Yeah! I kind of listen others view before making my decision.
Kind of wants my team member to feel they are important but of course at the end my ultimate choice based on my judgement after listening to them.

Evening time, called in one of my staff and motivate her to take on the new role.
Yeah baby .... I am willing to give you the chance and you will not get from others.
So.... you better don't disappointment me.
I never say it will be easy but at the end you decide how much you want to earn.

I hope my style of leadership will work to my people to grow faster.
If they can't grow , meaning I can't grow.
So I will try my hard to push every of my member.

Then in the evening I went to disturb one of the engineer to learn about all the technical.
Yeah! he was cuaght by surprise.
Finance ? Technical?
Well, I have my own reason to learn this technical thingy although I don't like it.

Easy, I feel my current job too easy and trying to find new challenge.
Final result I could enhance my knowledge and communicate down to my team.
I also could make my boss more confident with me when I advise him or propose to him on something.

Enough about work!
Tomorrow is my movies marathon.... T3 & HP!!!!!

Iyeeeeeaaaayyyy!!!!! I like weekend..

Have a blast weekend everybody!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 2

Harimau Malaya vs Arsenal.... 0 - 4
sigh! not even 1 goal .
Why I put too high expectation.

Harimau Malaya vs Liverpool this Saturday.
Please give Malaysia 1 goal.

Hitam kuning hitam kuning
Go tiger! Go Tiger!

My recruitment Day 2... end up with disappoinment.
Almost throw up after my last candidate for the day.

6 confirmed coming but only 2 turn up at my office door.
Fantastic and this shows our unemployment rate among out local graduate is low indeed.
So my government there is a need for you to spend money or in another word waste my tax money to save them. They don't need job to live but money come running to them.

1st candidate
24 years old. Just finished her Bachelor Degree in Accounts from University Malaya. 6 months working experience as accounts assistant.

Me : Tell me about yourself
Candidate : There in the application form
Me : Are you joking??
Candidate : No. I written all in there .
Me : I dont have anymore question to you since it is all written in the application form.You may go home now.

2nd Candidate
27 years old. 2 years experience as an auditor. Graduate Degree in Accountancy.

Me : Why do you resigned from your previous job without getting another job?
Candidate : I need to go to Sabah for interview.
Me : So what happen?
Candidate : They don't hire me.
Me : Do you have any other reason to resign apart from going for interview?
Candidate : I am planning to get married and go to Sabah
Me : If you get the job here? You going to quit?
Candidate : Yes this is temporary.
Me : I am looking for permanent and you may go home now.

Am I being to harsh on them???
I am not looking for perfect one but I just hate half boiled.

Tomorrow hopefully all 6 turn up.
Praying hard to get my Accounts Assistant because I need to promote my exisiting girl.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 1

Yeah! my recruitment drive start again.
One of Accounts girl went missing after first month salary.
Too tough I guess!!!
Young generation nowadays even when they need money to survive they still opt not to work.
They just could not take up the challenge and go for it when people are willing to train them.

Anyway, end of last week start calling the candidate but I gave up after the second call.
mmmmm... yeah! I am still a human with feeling and know how to give up.
My second call goes ....

Candidate : I am not looking for job and I never apply...

I go arrrggghhhh!!!!!
Is it mean I am the one who applied?????
Thats it!

I end up change strategy.
Shortlisted the potential candidates then use email and sms function from jobstreet.
no more calling.
You either accept or decline my invitation.
I invited 20 candidates for 3 days recruitment drive interview which started today and will end my interviewing on Friday before 2.30pm.
So far received 8 acceptance from potential candidates.

Today I interviewed only 3 person.
Most of them are graduate with Bachelor Degree in Accountancy from local Uni.
Their age around 23 - 24 years old and fresh grad.

Case 1
Me : What is your ambition?
Candidate : Become an accountant.
Me : What is you preparation to become accountant?
Candidate : I will take LCCI Higher in Accounting.
Me : You already earned a Diploma in Accountancy. don't you think LCCI higher is a duplication to your current Diploma and a waste of time?
Candidate : No! LCCI Higher... is higher than a diploma!
Me : Go back do some homework to ensure you are at the right path or you just waste of your time and money.

Case 2
Me : What is the formula for Gross Profit?
Candidate : Purchase minus Sales
Me : are you sure?
Candidate : Yeah! Purchase on the left side and Sales on the Right side.

Case 3
Me : What is your ambition?
Candidate : Collect money!
Me : What do you mean collect money?
Candidate : Collect money then expand the money!

Case 4
Me : Please name 3 expenses accounts.
Candidate : Bills , Credit , Rent
Me : are you sure?
Candidate : Yes I am

Case 5
Me : What is you ambition?
Candidate : Accountant!
Me : What is Accountant Roles in a company?
Candidate : I am good in Maths. I got A1.

Case 6
Me : Give me 3 of your strengths
Candidate : I can learn, I can speak, I can work
Me : If you have strenghts , you have weaknesses. Just name me one of you weakness which you realise you lack of this and currently trying to improve.
Candidate : Speaking

Case 7
Me : If Creditors accounts appear as Debit Balance, what does it mean?
Candidate : Bad debts

I seriously want to die interviewing this people at Day one.
What happen????
Attitude problem or education system???
They can't even converse in English properly as Graduate in Bachelor Degree.

Tomorrow I hope to get better one but I am loosing my hope and don't put high expectation anymore.
I told my Assistant, I am lowering dowm my expectation or I will die inside that interview room.

Tonight is Arsenal vs Harimau Malaya.
I am not a football fan but for our Malaysia boys!

Hitam kuning hitam kuning
Go Tiger Go Tiger!!!

Hope they could score some goals. Don't need to win but one goal for Malaysia will be good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week after Bersih Rally

Lazy week after bersih rally last weekend.
Traffic was horrible than previous.
After the Bersih rally then everyday you will read in the news on people getting who to blame.
We will read about the victim and the assailant news.
People fight for their right and the rise of the people and many more.
People died people survive and so on and on.

All this never stop and happening in every part of the world.
They just different in the own way but same because at the end they just come to one ultimate needs to fulfill.

Yes many thirst for power many hunger for money many feel they are at right.
We fight like this but at the end we still leave all this behind when we leave the world.
Who is the ultimate winner???
Almighty God is great!

Why can't they live happily and peacefully?

Yeah! all this will be only in my fairy tales sweet dream story.

I am watching Harry Potter this weekend. Transformer 3 you still have to wait!
Harry Potter first!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bersih Road closure

Still at Bersih ?
Yeah! expected road closure and road block everywhere in klang valley.
Few part that I know will be closed,
Dataran Merdeka , Jln Duta, Federal Highway,Jln Raja Laut,Lebuh Ampang and many more to list down.
My friends over twitter were saying it started very early.
It just a peace rally for goodness sake! Why make it sound so like we are at war???
Sometimes when people are afraid for the truth to come out ... ....oh! whatever!!!!

Just stay at home and bersih your house ok.
So everybody let us pray for our internet connection not disturb by this people who like power so much.
If something wrong my internet connection tomorrow I will be like crazy woman staring at my idiot box.

Transformer 3 bye bye... I see you next week.

I downloaded my City Hunter continuation episode yesterday just waiting for the sub to be out.

Last night reached home around 10.30pm with my tired body.
Tonight I want to rest with peace of mind.

Oh yes!!!! my Sep  5 days Annual Leave application approved.
Great Wall I will conquer you!!!!!!
I can't waitttttt...

Happy Bersih weekend everybody and make sure you bersih you house!!!!! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You drunk I drunk

I was working late again last night.
By the time driving out from car park my mind and whole body was very tired.
My stomach was singing rock and roll and I realize I don't have dinner.
Ah! sorry my dear stomach I am so tired to feed you.

I was driving on the 4 lanes highway back home.
Then I noticed this black car in front of me was swaying to the left to the right and then to the left and then to the right. Yeah! I mean swaying to the next and next lane.

I thought I am too sleepy and my eyes didn't see it right... I blink my eyes 3 times and the car went to the left to the left then to the right to the right... aikkkkk????

I need to over take this drunk man.
I dare not honk him.
God know who is that man behind that steering in front of me.
If I honk him then he got angry and take out his gun and shoot me???
I died without even have chance to say Saranghae to Lee Min Ho.
Noooo!!!! I can't let this happen.

Since no other car behind him except for me the lonely woman.
So I start my aiming..... ok to the left to the left and then to the right to the right and right again.... yeahhhhh!!!! I speed up my car and over take while he is at to the right and right and right...

Yeahaaaa! baby.....
At glance this guy actually have his two hands on the steering and surprisingly the car still swaying..... whatever and God bless his journey.
Thank God! I got over him.

May be he thought he is at arcade playing that F1 car race thingy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still at Bersih Rally

Morning traffic was horrible.
Road block everywhere and those people just sit there .
They don't bother to check on the drivers or what so ever.
I was driving and my mind keep wondering what is the whole objective for this road block during the peak hours. For fun?

I wish somebody could tell me their objective so I can eliminate this question marks in my head.

Look like I need to be prepared to be in horrible traffic everyday. huhuhuhuh

The good news is the 'Bersih' thingy will held in close stadium.
Thanks God!
Meaning I can book my Transformer 3 this Saturday?
Is it safe to come out from my 'nest' this weekend?
Can I not go shopping for groceries to stock up lots of food and live my life like normal rather than preparing myself to be at war?
Ah! seriously not sure what to do now?

These few days I don't even have time for myself and do what I like.
I end up back from work and jump on the bed because I am too exhausted.
I really miss my Min Ho this week.

One of the girl went MIA after the first month salary.
Here we go again another recruitment week next week.

I seriously don't understand the Gen Y nowadays, they just could not stand hardship at all.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Things to do on Bersih Rally Day

I am a person who just want to live peacefully and don't want people to notice on my existence.
They can continue to do what they are doing.
If somebody won, I will be happy for them.
If somebody died or hurt I will mourn for them.
God Bless!

I feel like want to apply for off day on Friday.
I am expecting a massive road closure and road block on KL City Center.
Yesterday when I was traveling back home I saw more than 10 FRU lorries heading towards KL.
We just need to pray hard for something serious doesn't happen.

Many told me to stock up the food supply and be prepare for the worst day before and after the rally.
Seriously at first I don't know what to do.
Anyway, I prefer to prepare rather than not preparing.
Tonight I will go buy some food in case the difficult time comes and they don't allow me to step out from my house.

I need to prepare on what to do at home too, so that I don't get boring to death.

1. Download as many korean drama as possible
2. Download as many korean show
3. Some books to read
4. Facial mask
5. Foot scrub
6. Fragrance candle to make my mind at peace
7. Work out DVD
8. Korean dance song

I am fully prepared. hahahahaha..... Thought of going out for Transformer 3 this weekend...... sigh!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Painful Weekend Coming

Yeah! baby.... its Friday Friday Friday....

My left arm hurt like crazy.
I need to visit Wah Toh Tit Tar.
Hope could help or at least can heal this pain.

Don't asked me how my arm can come to this pain.
I can't remember but it has been 3 weeks and from normal pain to abnormal pain.
Now I can feel even my neck and my right arm infected with the pain.
Every movement with cracking sound. Kluk Klak Kluk Klak

Whatever pain ... I still want to enjoy my weekend.

The lion in the office is well behaved this week.
I need to extra careful. Anyway , just wait till next week he may show his real face.

Finally this week the PA show up.
Looking at her as if she is going for Project Runaway show.
3 inches sharp heels, Fashion sense consider a bit disaster with neon color pattern leggings and velvet dress, her foundation and powder almost as thick as her heels and she is the fairest among all like a snow white, she is talking with the high pitch tone and she gives you screeching sounds to your ears just like a broken violin.
Your choice !
Not mine!
Your girl!
Not mine!
As long as she is here and can do the job well, I just don't bother!

At least we have opportunity to watch free and live runaway show.

Happy weekend ahead everyone!!!!!