Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 3

Wet Friday!
But wet or dry .... its Friday everyone!!!!!!
I like it!

Today my staff almost drop their jaw to see many candidates coming in non stop.
That means I double booked myself to see those people.
Well... I did this on purpose.
I just want to see how human re act on competition.
I asked them to be place in the same room while filling up the forms.
At least 5 - 6 of them in the same room as early as 9.30am.
My interview for the day stop at 1.30pm. Just nice for my lunch.

I am not going to write anything about the candidates tonight.
Tired I guess.
Not much different but bearable and I made my decision by evening.

Oooopppsss!!! today I make one candidate cried.
Not in purpose hope because she reflect after seeing me.
If she feel down after meeting me today... hope God will forgive me because God knows I don't intentionally but my mean is to make them wake up from our government lullaby.

Of course, gather my staff and discuss about my choice of new team member.
Yeah! I kind of listen others view before making my decision.
Kind of wants my team member to feel they are important but of course at the end my ultimate choice based on my judgement after listening to them.

Evening time, called in one of my staff and motivate her to take on the new role.
Yeah baby .... I am willing to give you the chance and you will not get from others.
So.... you better don't disappointment me.
I never say it will be easy but at the end you decide how much you want to earn.

I hope my style of leadership will work to my people to grow faster.
If they can't grow , meaning I can't grow.
So I will try my hard to push every of my member.

Then in the evening I went to disturb one of the engineer to learn about all the technical.
Yeah! he was cuaght by surprise.
Finance ? Technical?
Well, I have my own reason to learn this technical thingy although I don't like it.

Easy, I feel my current job too easy and trying to find new challenge.
Final result I could enhance my knowledge and communicate down to my team.
I also could make my boss more confident with me when I advise him or propose to him on something.

Enough about work!
Tomorrow is my movies marathon.... T3 & HP!!!!!

Iyeeeeeaaaayyyy!!!!! I like weekend..

Have a blast weekend everybody!!!!

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