Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cracking my head

Multiple color flashing art cube
As usual when I feel lack of challenges in life..I feel bored to death!
I will start looking for other trouble hehehehe not that kind of bad trouble but creating things to challenge myself.

I quit media and advertising for almost 1 1/2 years now.
To give trouble to myself I am now studying for certificate in social online marketing.

Picture above is one out of three product to market online.
Part of my exercise for keywords efficiency test.
Just for this product I need to list down 60 unique product header not more 11 words and pair with product description  not more than 16 words.

Up to now when I am writing this entry, I manage to list down 25 pairs unique keywords.
Huh! long way to go.
I still have 2 more product with the same exercise. Jeng jeng jeng..... looking for my own trouble!

Ah! I love this kind of trouble. My creative juice is starting to flow now...kekekekeke... so happy!!!!

Anyway, this is my way  preparing to work from home at least 6 months to 1 year for my bunion both feet operation. I have to prepare to let go my paid full time job. I will do that once I fully prepare not to leave home but still earning income actively from home. As long as I put my full effort I believe all are possible to achieve. I need to be positive!!!!

Wish me luck WWW!!!!!


Application for China Visa is superb fast!!
I went to Chinese Embassy on Monday morning to submit application form & passport. 
The whole process including waiting for your turn only took 15 minutes.

I go through normal process collection after 4 days.
This morning went there again show them the receipt.
Then make payment RM58 and collect my passport with Visa endorsement on it.
Again the whole process took me only 15 minutes.

Whoaaaaa!!!! Superb efficient.

All counters are open and none of the counter are close which contribute to their fast service. 

I like Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday please come

Suppose to be 'Wordless Wednesday'!
I still need to talk...
Friday please come... I need a loooooonnnngggggg breakkkkkkk.... then I will be in Beijing visiting Great Wall and forbidden city.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are Dating

picture credit to

 Whoa! when I read news about Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are dating , I was so happy and excited over this latest update.
I hope this news is the genuine one and not a rumors.
Seriously, these two person look compatible to each other in City Hunter.
I like them both very much.
Both acting skills improving every time I watch them.
Lee Min Ho , he started to become my idol through his character as Go Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flower then follow with Personal Taste and latest City Hunter just ended.
I started to like this cute young lady , Park Min Young through Sungkyukwan Scandal and her latest movie City Hunter with my charismatic Lee Min Ho.

Daebak!!! to both...:)

Why Blogging is good for you

I started blogging since Mar 7, 2009.  The same time I started my MBA class.
I choose blogging to release my stress due to working and studying at the same time.
Being working for almost 16 years and suddenly started to read books and catching up with assignment due date and same time deadlines at workplace, is too much for me.

I started with my 'nonsense' online diary and assume myself talking to everyone in the world.
Yup! sounds a lil like mad woman but blogging helps me to release my stress in life.
sort of my 'punching bag' sometimes.
Talk about happy ,sad and crazy moment of mine!

Do you know why blogging is good for you too???
below are part of reasons to list down to you...
  • Whatever nonsense you want to write in your blog...just do it! Writing can be therapeutic.
  • Blogging can be good hobby because does not require money...FREE FREE FREE ..kekeke
  • Blogging can stretch your mind and keep your brain active
  • Sometimes blogging can make you earn extra cash too, from ads. Example,Just add nuffnang .Many more channel for you to make money from blogging. But no such thing as free lunch! explore you know what is the catch behind.
  • You can make new friends through blogging too
  • Blogging can make you famous and cool. Example redmummy.
  • Blogging can make you more innovative, creative and learn something new. 
  • You can also release your anger through blogging without harming people physically and mentally. Just your mental will be a little bit affected. kekeke
Don't believe me???
Why don't you start now and proof me wrong!
You don't need money just 15 minutes of your precious time and just start it with either using wordpress or blogger.

Happy blogging everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Not only me but most of Malaysian is dragging themselves to office this morning. hahaha
Yup! long long weekend coming.
Yesterday I had movies marathon again.
This time watched 2 movies in a row.
Started with my choice 'Rising of the planet of the apes' and 'Cowboy and Aliens' which is my friend's choice.
I don't really favor Cowboy movie.
For me they are dirty! dusty! and yucky for me....

That apes movie is an eye opener and make us realize we are not the only intelligent with feeling species in this planet.

Conclude my Sunday with lots of good food to eat.
Starting with sweet cherries for appetizer,  then have a nice Penang Nasi Lemak with my favourite spicy fish and sweet potato fitters as my dessert. Well not really a dessert but snacks. hehehe...
Thank you God for giving me good food to eat.
Hope you could help and give food to the less fortunate too.

Hope through out this week I could achieve a lot in works too.

Still thinking..... Phuket or Koh Sa Mui for Christmas??
Phuket sounds great and have many activities to explore but Tsunami make me hesitate and chicken out!
Koh Sa Mui sounds boring!!!

What should I do???

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Saturday

Wow! I have a good night sleep last night.
Love it!
I feel fresh.
Woke up and watch my beautiful overgrown healthily only plant on my balcony.
Ah! so good!
Since the weather is not hot I was thinking it was still either 9am or 10am.
Find my watch..... OMO!!!! 1:30pm????
Find another watch to confirm what I saw....
YUP! I miss my Saturday morning....... hahahahaha the beauty of living alone.
You can stay on your bed as long as you like..... owh! I love this freedom God is giving me.
Love you God!

Up to know writing this entry I am so not feeling like going into the shower. hahahaha
Ok ok I will go right after this. :)

mmmmm.... my activity today will be sweeping the floor and mopping the floor.
Ah! sounds like a hard work to me..... huhuhuhuhu.

Anyway for the sake of making my habitat sleek and clean I will endure this. (with a forceful face expression)

Friday, August 19, 2011


I suppose to sing 'Its Friday! Friday!

But huh... early morning I am scolding my staff like mad woman.
Bark and bark but she seem like don't repent at all.
I have been trying to teach her for so long.

Wasted my energy.

I talked to her.
I taught her personally.

But this morning her mistake was really unforgiven.
Careless mistake which reflected badly towards the company.
I could not talk to her nicely and baby sit her like my 7 years old kid anymore (like I have one!)
I believe I am out of patience to teach her anymore.

The teacher - remind the pupil the same thing over and over again
The pupil - keep repeating the same mistake again and again and this seems not ending at all

Seriously she don't leave me no choice at all but to scold her with hope she could remember this day and will not repeat the same mistake again.

Ah ! honestly I feel bad after scolding people.
What you want me to do this younger generation need to fall and hurt to learn things. 

Poor girl. Hope she could find good man and get married soonest.
Working here is not for her.

Anyway told her I am giving her one last chance to proof she is going to change.
We shall see this.

Hope this will not spoil my whole day mood.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Community Service

 Picture 1 (Left) - My colleague Pei Ling trying to cheer up Muhammad Alfin with 'Magic Box'. He seems not in good mood and refuse to even look at the camera.

 Picture 2 (Right) - Me presenting the contribution cheque amount RM32,000 to Alfin's mother. It is hard to communicate with his mother since she is deaf and mute.

Picture 1 (Left) - Me presenting contribution cheque amount RM18,000 and 'Magic Box' to Miss Samiha, Marcomm Manager,Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur.She is receiving on behalf of one year old Sylvia Soe who could not present due to unforeseen circumstances.

Picture 2 (Right) - Muhammad Alfin and family with our 'Magic Box'.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Planning for Trip

Yeah, yesterday my mood swing at downward level again.
No no no pms! That pms over on early week of fasting month.
Oooopppss! I declared this to the WWW. hehehe

I was busy organising for my next adventure during Malaysia day holiday after Raya.
Hope my work don't follow me to my one week adventure trip.
Too many places I need to visit and my concern here do I have enough time and days???
This is a challenge since I don't follow tour but want to explore the country on my own.
Too many research need to be done...
I can feel the heat now since the date is getting closer.

Huan Yu speaking are very limited so this is another challenge.
Trying my best to find out words in their language for all destination I need to visit and print it out.
I will just need to point out those words fella heh???
Hohohoho ...don't forget calculator for bargaining kekekeke
Weird! I hardly buy anything when I travel because all the items does not impress me at all.

Even though this coming trip is not over yet hahahaha... the evil side of me start thinking about a good Christmas vacation near Andaman Beach soon.Imagine taking speed boat to virgin Island, snorkeling in clear water observing the beautiful coral and fishes.omo omo omo .... when is Christmas coming????

Wow!!!  Life is great when you work like mad dog and relax like a crown princess????

This is a payback since I was working like mad dog since 16 years ago. I add some colour and treats to myself with traveling for leisure since last years. Now I will work hard and play hard since I have no luck in working smart. (not smart enough!)

Ah! another stress to my head to utilise my milkdeal RM38 voucher at bizzybody.
I need to go before fasting month over since it is expiring soon.
I don't know what to do now since I lost 3kg now since fasting month started.
Me with my itchy bitchy finger to click buy at milkdeal!
Shall I waste my voucher or shall I give one visit and surrender my body to that nasty sales girl???

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Employee

Happy Monday WWW!!!!
If yesterday is lazy Sunday today is Monday Blues!!!

Normally, on Monday I will be expecting sms from staff reporting they will be late,on EL (self declared extend off day),MC and many more excuses.
Nothing much we can do but just to deal with this lazy people.

We always bitch or talk about Bad Boss and so on.
Now, let us reflect to ourself as an employee and how Bosses categorized their employee.

Bad attitude employee :

1. Unreliable
2. Unwillingness to take responsibility
3. Procrastination
4. Resistance to change
5. Negative attitude (this is major gravity to the organisation)
6. Unwillingness to learn
7. Calculating

So ??? still wanna bitch about your boss???
Change yourself ,stop whining!!!
Be thankful that you still getting your full paycheck at the end of the month!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Yeah! so lazy ....
Don't feel like going out.
Don't feel like eating.
Don't feel like doing anything.
I need to start singing that one of Bruno mars song called 'Lazy Song'.

My weekend almost ending and my achievement is....
I manage to hang up all clothes lying on the floor in my 'Princess Little Boutique'.

OK ok ... not an easy task..... but I am happy finally that room is not in a mess anymore.

Don't feel like eating but still need to eat that will be another problem for me.
What to eat???

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meeting Others

My problem not eating properly still not solve.
I am trying my best to eat ligher as possible so I don't have to throw up.
Many invitations from friend to break fast together , I don't have choice but to reject with my own reason.
I am sorry... I am not well!
Meeting and eat people meaning I have to force myself to eat like normal people.
I can't or I will be miserably throwing up right after.

I am traning myself to slowly and at small portion.
Tonight I boil my own gochujang mushroom and carrot soup.
So far so good and hope it could digest well and give some nutrition to my body.

I want to live healthily!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Magic Box

Hello Hello... busy week and I am glad it almost weekend.
Yeeehhhaaaa..... its Friday Friday...

Anyway, I will be responsible to be part of Public Community Service.
Not to forget my Quarterly personal contribution at Joy Home near Semenyih.
This time aswering to plight from Newspaper.
These two adorable children need help for corrective surgery.
That baby girl so cute isn't she?
The boy name Alfin and he is 3 years old.
That cute baby girl name Sylvia is only 1 year old. Owwww... she so baby!!!

My Boss was very generous enough to settle all these two children bill and my role is to deliver the cheque to their parent. I am also organising 'Magic Box' for these two kid.
What is 'Magic Box'?
I will fill box with full of goodies,books and toys for these 2 kids hope to cheer them up after suffering from their surgeries.
At first would want to spend my weekend to make my 'Magic Box' alone but then I decided why not to share it with my other colleague.
I don't know what will the respond like but with or without their contribution, I am determined with my intention and want to make it happen.

Project ' Magic Box' this weekend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jennifer Hudson from plus size to 0 size

It is fasting month, I don't eat during day time and can only it 7.30pm onwards until 5.45am.
I totally lost my appetite.
I can't take any solid food or it goes down to the toilet bowl.
So I decided to just drink and eat dates or some fruits. Oooppsss! plus oat!
Although this couldn't help much but this is better than not eating or eat and throw up!

Oh ya! talking about that.
I found this Jennifer Hudson one of the Americal Idol and she is one of 'Dreamgirls' star.
She manage to achieve from plus size to '0' size.
Look at her body before and after!
She is one persistent and hardworking lady.
Don't you think she look fabulous?

Harley Pasternak help her to look this fabulous using five-factor fitness.
Five minute segments in life.

  • 5 minutes -cardio warm up  (don't need treadmill, just jogging,marching,boxing,opposite knee to opposite elbow)
  • 5 minutes -work on upper body strength (just use dumbbell)
  • 5 minutes - work on lower body strenght
  • 5 minutes - work on abdominals (don't only focus on crunches but strengthen from all sides)
  • Final 5 minutes - cardio cool down (you could jogg lightly pr playing your favourite sport)
Harley the expert who responsible to turn Jennifer from Princess Shrek to fabulous Princess Fiona says :
The key to look fabulous is :
  • Eat right
  • 25 minutes of exercise a day
  • Being physically active
Ah! meaning my 10 minutes cardio exercise need to increase another 15 minutes???
OMG!!!! not easy to look fabulous!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Control Freak Boss

Did you ever work with control freak boss before?
I did!
Who are this control freak boss?
They are :
  1. Micro Manager
  2. Driver
  3. controller
  4. slave driver
Well, people in these days and age, jobs are not easy to knock the door upon and we might deal with it rather than just quitting!

I know its hard, let us try our best,ok?

I once worked with this boss who breathing behind my back 24 hours.
The control not just on your work but also on weekend which suppose to be our off day. No boss day! And would want to know who you eat with ,where you go, what you doing and more and more to report to.

During office hours is worst!
He even control on the way I answer call and the way I replied to phone calls. Every single thing need to be approved even the way you do thing. Sorry! basically I am just a puppet. That was on my 1st month working with him. Oppsss! forgot to mentioned when I am about to join him, one of person I met in industry had warned me about him. According to my friend, he is well known as slavery boss.OMG! What can I say??? Too late! I signed the offer letter and resigned from my current job.
I have no choice but to move forward and face whatever challenge coming towards me.
Hey! what and achievement, I survived him 3 1/2 year though! People in the industry totally salute me for being the longest survivor ever. hehehehe
Now I can sing that 'SURVIVOR' song???
 I really appreciate what I have learnt from him. He thought me a lot despite his torturing moment to me. I wish he back off a little then he will be a prefect boss! He is main contributor for I am now.
Thank you Boss!!!
How to manage control freak boss?
  • Be proactive
  • listen to what your boss wants
  • build up trust to your boss and ensure he trust you
  • Try to find good thing about him and try to see him as a human
  • Most important - control your anger and be patient and more tolerance
  • Self motivated and stay positive
Few note  I normally do when handling this kind of boss,
  •  Inform my Boss even before he ask me
  • Present to him before he even think about asking about it
  • I always analyse thing and situation then giving proposal with pros and cons then conclude with recommendation.
  • I try to think on behalf of my boss to ease his burden
  • What ever I do , I will put all my effort and do the best. 
  • aware about the market industry and try my best to update him on what the competitor are doing.
Try your best and good luck!

Handbag Online Shopping

Oh! yeah... another online shopping spree.
I have been looking for good online boutique for quite sometime.
I stumble upon this korean style handbag chic boutique the other day and make 3 purchases.
You see the beautiful bags in the photo.
Yup! that is my latest addition...hehehehe..
Fashion Urges Sales person, Miss Eleni Chee is very friendly too.
She attended to my inquiry promptly.
Guess what??? You could expect your ordered items at your door step within 1 - 2 working day by local courier service. Very fast!!!
Oh! more to mention, I also receive 1 mouse pad as a free gift!

I am just doing free testimonial to help the online boutiques or stores and hope they could prosper in their business. I don't earn commission ,OK!!!
Interested to shop with reliable stylish online boutique???
What are you waiting for ????
Get your latest stylish wardrobe addition at Fashion Urges!

Fashion Urges, Fighting!!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Yeay!!!! my first guest writer project published at
Whoa!!!! so happy.
My first story is horror story and I manage to write it in Malay.
The title is 'Kucing ke tu?' or in English called 'Is it a Cat?'
Wow! I know my English is bad and if you read my Malay story worst ahahaha...
I don't care! it is a good start and hope could write more story to share with other.

Ah! so shy le suddenly too many people visit by online diary.

Thank you ! Love you!

Monday Again

OMG!!! its Monday????
Monday is the most difficult transition for us after weekend.
How to start your week with less grumpy and make it happier???

Here are few suggestion to kick start your week.

  • Wear your best dress
  • Turn on your favourite music on while you are driving to work
  • Eat you favourite food for breakfast (oopppsss for those who are fasting jut skip this one,ok)
  • Greet people around you with bright smile
  • Clean your office table and make it tidier
  • Ask you office mate on how is their weekend
  • Try to help them is possible
  • Come out with a to do list for the week
  • Call out to your friends and talk about fun topic

more to list just think about positive and fun thing and your week will be better and happier!

Happy Monday WWW!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love is blind

Love is blind!
Why suddenly talking about love?
I woke up almost afternoon today hehehehe lazy Sunday again.
I switched on TV and Tamil movie showing.
Yeah!typical tamil love movie the hero don't eat don't do anything and loose his eye sight just because the love don't accept by heroin.
Ah! this is in the movie.
Well it happens in real life too...
People suicide just because of rejection from their love one..
Don't be naive... love is just about seeing the beuatiful thing and when you vow to live and be together forever...then this where all the truth will come out and at this point you will only accept who is next to you now...face the reality!

Love is blind , Marriage is an eye opener!

Love - holding hand in public
Marriage - holding argument in public

Love - TV has no place in heart
Marriage - argument on TV remote control

Love - going to bed early
Marriage - going to sleep early

Love - talking about having how many children
Marriage - talking about getting away from the children

Love - cuddling each other on the sofa
Marriage - one sleeping on the sofa

Love - having romantic dinner in favourite restaurant
Marriage - pack food home

Love - loosing your appetite
Marriage - loosing your figure

So..... be prepared to face the reality of love life when you getting married!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Me so sick

I don't know what with me today.
Totally feeling no energy.
I woke quite early and just now went to send my car for medical check up and treatment here and there.
Yup! hopefuly I could rely on my car end of this month.
Stay healthy baby!!!

Ah! the owner not so well at all...

My crazy weekend

Yeah! I love to do crazy act just to entertain myself...
Here captions during one of my crazy weekend :)

 Lady like side of me ehehehe...

 Oh! I am so Princess...kekeke


 Exercise your chin to make it look sharper

 I am Hercules Woman!

 Meditate for more power

 Too much power end up turn into mermaid ahahaha

 I believe I can fly!!!!!!!

 I could stand with one leg too...

 flying is totally my style

 I enjoy food with passion....

Lastly world peace and happy weekend!!!! ahahaha

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shanghai - In memory

White Snake Lady Legend inside this pagoda

Yup! too boring and too cold...need to move around..and actually I am in the midst of pretending I am Sailormoon..hahaha

Wahhhh!!!! you just want to capture my leg???

Pretending to be Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct but this one decent Sharon... kakakaka wearing jeans

trying to act like beautiful princess but end like princess fiona in shrek

Weather too cold at the bund so my mood a bit out

Strolling with my friend near Xin Tian Di in Shanghai

Strolling again..... yeah the hot and cold ladies!

My lunch is only instant noodles due to cannot get proper food for me... So I am in protest mood!

Oh! whoa!!!!!! I love the back ground behind... look like painting but it is a real live scenery..... 

Do you know where is the most beautiful scenery I have been in Shanghai??? Westlake near Hangzhou. I am also fascinating with Water Town near Zhouzhuang. The magical experience in shanghai is during one of the acrobat show I watched at Shanghai Centre Theatre. The most mysterious place in Shanghai for me is Secret Garden near Suzhou.

Shanghai i want to visit you again one day... this time I will explore you to the fullest....

Bad Breath

picture above credit to google search

I remember gave a short presentation on bad breath in my previous working place. I even handed out mint sweets to my audience.
Fasting or another word Ramadhan month - we heard the most common complaints on bad breath.
Bad Breath in medical term called 'halitosis.

If you want to cure you need to know the causes.

What causes bad breath?
Answer to this question is one word - bacteria!

How does this bacteria inside your mouth?
* dirty tongue - yeah! you brush your teeth but neglected the tongue area.
* cavities
* gum disease
* dirty teeth

How to prevent  bad breath during fasting or ramadhan month?

* Brush your teeth regularly (brush it after every meal)
* Don't forget to floss your teeth the is always left out dirt in between your teeth even after you brush.
* use anti bacterial mouthwash. They do have non alcoholic mouthwash in the market. Non alcoholic mouthwash to prevent dry mouth.
* any cavities in the teeth should be filled
* drink at least 2 - 3 glasses of water in the morning
* brush you tongue clean
* visit dentist for regular check up at least 6 months once.

Well to add to this - bad stomach is also another factor to bad breath.
Watch your diet during Fasting or Ramadhan month.

Islam teaching , encourages followers :

* to be clean
* decent
* pleasant in appearance and smell

Do respect yourself and people around you by keeping you mouth clean from foul smell.
Wash your mouth and gargle it frequently as long as you careful and not to allow the water goes into your stomach during fasting or ramadhan month.

These not limited to just during fasting month and we need to practice good diet , good cleanliness to live healthily.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No appetite

My mood swing at downward level.
Yeah! I couldn't eat... whatever I eat end up throwing out back.
Yup! sounds grosssssssss!!!
But I am the one experience this and its hurt!!!!
1. My throat hurt
2. I feel disgusting
3. I feel sad because I waste the food
4. I am afraid I am bulemic
5. I am afraid I get the stroke due to the pressure of throwing out
6. I am hungry but afraid to eat
7. i don't have energy and feel tired
8. If I die because of sad ...

Now... I will pray to God to help me to live.
I will do more good thing so God don't punish me like this.

Can I make a wish now???

Below are my wish....:)

I miss Seafood Spagetti
I want to eat shrimp omellete at Malacca

Me if my coffee not to my taste..... yup! coffee lover...once a day black coffee..but since Fasting month not a drop coffee down to my throat... Oh! I mean hot long black coffee..missing my coffee..isk isk isk

Reason for not exercise

During fasting month , I want to loose weight but I am lazy to exercise...
Here are my reason :

Before sunrise - I wake up at 4am every morning just to eat .

I have not enough time in the morning because after eating need to get ready to beat the traffic jam to reach office on time.

I need to starve myself until the sunset. In between this time I can't exercise because I have not enough energy and can't drink too.

After sunset - by the time I eat 7:30pm. I need at least 1 1/2 hours to enjoy my meal after whole day starving.
By the tme I finish eating is 9:00pm.
Health expert said we can only exercise at least 2 hours after meal.

After 2 hours will be 11:00pm and here goes my bed time.

I need to sleep before 12:00 midnight :
* I am a Princess and to be exact Princess Cindyrina (close to Cinderella right??? hahaha) Princess need to sleep before clock stike 12:00 or she loose all her beauty...kekekeke
* Health expert said during this hours all cell renewal process will start and this is important for middle age woman like me hahahaha

With all my reason mentioned, although my appertite not so well no way I could loose weight in healthy way.

Do you think I made up all this reason???
Its true!

Don't believe me/
Try and let me know or write to me your suggestion on how to adjust my life .... currently Princess at lost :(((

International Online Stalker

hehhehee... no idea what to write so I decided to brag again.
This is snapshot of stalker from nuffnang to my online diary today as at 11am.
Poland and Japan???

Whoa!!! do you think Ultraman also read my diary??
Yup! another ridiculous statement from Princess...kakakakaka

Mee Siput Muar

Hello hello...

Princess advertorial for 'Mee Siput Muar' feature in their facebook fanpage .

Malaysian Snack Discovery

Since fasting month started I woke up early in the morning and most of the time 4am and unable to sleep.
Why??? I just ate!!!!
If I go back to sleep I can grow fat on my waist kekeke...
or I will miss my working time ...yeah! another good reason to stay awake although I feel very sleepy.

Thanks to internet and WWW!!!
I will get boring to death to live without this www thingy.

 1st day fasting month - I feel like google word 'Malaysian local snack'

Then I google the word '  snek rangup ' in english mean 'crunchy snack'
Aiikkkkss!!! the result said mee siput??
What is that?
Sound interesting...

Then I google word ' mee siput'.
Yeay! discover this website selling 'mee siput' .
'Mee Siput' a local Southern peninsular malaysia local snack.
Since I never taste this before so I order online for 20 packets.
Not just for me ok!
I distributed it out to my colleague.
Yeah! good cause.. kekekeke

The delivery was superb. Pack in bubble pack.
I love the crunchiness of this snack plus the sweet chilli sauce come together with the snack.
You have to eat it with the sauce.
I like it!!!! thumb up!

You want to taste Malaysia Local snack???
Just google mee siput or click on the word mee siput here...

This is not advertorial and I don't earn commission from any pack sold by that mee siput website owner.
I am doing this write up for good cause to do free promotion for Malaysian local enterprise.

For mee siput site owner, if you suddenly receive too many order and some from other countries (my blog stalker come from all over the world hahaha) please send 10 packs of mee siput to me for my good WOM to mee siput muar.

If you want to try mee siput muar just email to the owner.
She will reply to you very prompt and yummy mee siput will be at your door step within 2 working days.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fasting Month - 3rd Day Breakie

Yup! and all this went down to the toilet bowl.....
Not intentionally but suddenly feeling sick.
After the whole day with empty stomache and eat this food.
What with this food???
If this is the only food and we have no choice???
We still need to eat right???
I am trying not to be choosy and eat whatever came to me.
This fruit rojak my colleague was very thoughtful to pack for me when she went for lunch just because she know this is my favourite rojak.
Mee siput I ordered online on first day puasa and just now delivered to my office.

I don't prepare anything else and eat whatever came to me... God Bless!!!

Awkward Lift ride Drama

Just now when I was in the lift this morning I felt like in the most awkward lift ride .
There are 3 other people inside the lift.

The drama actors and actresses list as follows :
- Purple shirt young malay dude with spiky hair do (leading actor) - Malay dude
- Medium size Chinese lady (leading actress) - Chinese lady
- Me (Co actress and narrator for this extreme short drama(
- White shirt man (co actor)

Scene enter the lift with rush as if many people waiting for the lift. The lift door almost close and suddenly one medium side chinese lady hand appear to hold the lift door. I quickly hold the open lift door button.
I checked around if there is any other person rushing for the lift before pressing the close door button.

The Malay dude and chinese lady seems to know each other but me and the white shirt man seems to be a stranger.

Suddenly the Malay dude turned to Chinese lady.

Malay Dude : (with loud clear voice) " Are you fasting?"
Chinese Lady : (with sarcastic smile face) " Are you implying that I am fat ? " 

From the lift door mirror I could see the Malay dude face was so confuse and almost speechless with the respond from the chinese lady.
Ah!!! which part of the question said that she is fat???? Stupid woman.... can't you notice that man is trying hard to make a descent conversation with you????

The white shirt guy and me was at awkward feeling with the reply from that chinese lady.

Malay Dude : (scratching his non itchy head burst out with most awkward laugh I ever heard) "hahahahaha... no la..." (embarrassed with the unexpected reply)

and the silence atmosphere to the whole icy cold lift.
The ride to 20th floor seems too long for me. I believe not only me feel the same feeling of getting out from the lift but that Malay Dude especially feel like pressing the door open button immediately.

me counting the level 15,16....

Malay dude : (broke the silence) " so what you going to eat for breakfast???"

Ohhhhh dude!!!!! stop it!!!! just get this over...... (my heart screaming)

Chinese Lady : (still with her bloody sarcastic tone) " Ah! now you asking me to eat??? Don't you see how fat am I"

Thank god the lift reaching to level 20....

As I am getting out the lift I stole a glance to that 'trying hard' Malay dude...

Poor guy with the most lost face I ever seen.

To that Malay dude - you should just stop at any level as long as you out of that place or just answer to that no mercy woman , " Yeah! it will be good if you could loose some kg!"

Poor white man shirt have to continue the ride with the most " no give up and over friendly malay dude"  and  " no mercy sarcastic chinese lady ".

Me??? I am out of here!!!!!

Fasting Month

My entry today is about Fasting month based on my understanding. Pardon me if I am wrong....
Below photo credit to google hehehehe... I add in the caption using paint.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fasting Month -People behaviour

This is my view of people nowaday, during fasting month and this is unforgiven and at the end serve no purpose for their suppose to be a good cause....