Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Employee

Happy Monday WWW!!!!
If yesterday is lazy Sunday today is Monday Blues!!!

Normally, on Monday I will be expecting sms from staff reporting they will be late,on EL (self declared extend off day),MC and many more excuses.
Nothing much we can do but just to deal with this lazy people.

We always bitch or talk about Bad Boss and so on.
Now, let us reflect to ourself as an employee and how Bosses categorized their employee.

Bad attitude employee :

1. Unreliable
2. Unwillingness to take responsibility
3. Procrastination
4. Resistance to change
5. Negative attitude (this is major gravity to the organisation)
6. Unwillingness to learn
7. Calculating

So ??? still wanna bitch about your boss???
Change yourself ,stop whining!!!
Be thankful that you still getting your full paycheck at the end of the month!


  1. hi cindyrina, i feel an employee should carry out his/ her duties and responsibilities accordingly, then there a sense of job satisfaction come pay day...
    failing to do so will only create restlessness and guilty feelings, knowing that the salary earned is not justifiable... unless one works without morals obligations.

  2. Wan, I agree with you. Nowadays I don't know why and what is going on most of employee only think about the end month paycheck and benefit but fail to justify their roles and responsibilities.Heartsick! dealing with these people.


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