Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saint Weekday Sinful Weekend

Whenever, I want to go on healthy diet, I always said to myself.....
Last time last time of this process and oily food....
There you go.... Portuguese Grilled.... Hot & Spicy and the taste???
O la la....

I went to shop for this purple sweet potato and here me go...
boiling sweet potatoes for my lunch break tomorrow at office

That purple colour is totally my favourite colour...beautiful...
Don't know why this fella cracked up like this when it cook... mmmm my sweet potatoes look unpresentable!!!
Anyway for my cooking skill?????
Acceptable! hahahaha

I love capsicum!
I cut 3 different colours of capsicum, carots and few leaf of red coral salad for my morning breakfast...
Oh! wow!!!! I am too saint... hahahahaha

Orange for my morning breakfast too!!!
Oh! wow!!!! So healthy suddenly Princess???
What is going on????

Princess ambition to have body like this....

I am doing cardio every night!
Because I want to look like this???
mmmmm hopefully I don't do this... half way!
with my current body condition????

Long way to go!!!!

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