Monday, July 16, 2012

Exercise Dilemma

I started to run again after almost 1 year and half stop doing this...
Health factor, Old age, hard to breathe and also the desire to look like Yuri, SNSD .

Aigooooo...Call me crazy...I still want to look like this...hehehehe

6pm is the time I am waiting for almost everyday since last Monday.

I just can wait to run and run and run and run..... timing and miles has been improving ever since I started...progressing well. I don't just stop at running...I add in 10 minutes cardio workout for abs too.
Princess is totally working hard nowadays.
Princess is turning into hamster these days!

After one and half hours work out....

I normally look like this with sweating all over the body.

Then when the clock strike 10 - 11pm.... I am turning into jelly....Gosh!!! I never been this hard working....since all this while just focus on work and yoga only.

Dilemma after work out.

* Shower at Night
When working out I sweat a lot... then cannot take shower too early. By the time I shower is almost midnight. My hair is long. I still have to wash hair though. I thought its not good to shower at late night. They said can get that lung disease or something. If I don't shower......Ah!!!! can't even bring myself near to bed with that smelly body....huh! Still need to shower right!!!! how???

* Cannot Sleep
I have very hyper active mind. I can't bring myself to rest even if I don't work out.
I have difficulties sleeping. After work out for almost a week.
I can't even sleep.
I am still counting sheep ,cow,kangaroo,panda,koala,and even ants
Drink hot honey and this and that...
Damn it!!!! still not now how?

* Hungry
I have to wait 2 hours after dinner then only can start work out.
Since I don't want to start my exercise session too late so I skip dinner.
So at night when I am trying to sleep.... my stomach is nagging me growl growl irritating but since I am stubborn I still refuse to feed myself.
I tried to eat simple meal before 6pm because I read my body need something to burn when I exercise so need to eat but that stomach of mine still nagging at night...WTH! So now how?

* Achieve target
People tell me do not exercise during work days but just go for weekend.
But I am the person who when I got 'fired up' can't turn it off just like that or the 'fire' will just end up put off forever!!!!!
Plus I have not much time left to achieve that 'body'.
Oh well... not that I have anybody to please or something..... I just want to have that kind of body when I go for next trip soon.
Yeah! I know crazy..... but as long as I am happy and confident...why not!
At least I have an achievement....
Can I achieve this????
I don't know!
Since I am at ageing stage..... I need a 'very hard' work!!!!!
Very hard!
Of course plus that eating right is necessary to achieve this.

Ah! dilemma!!!!

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