Monday, July 30, 2012


Recently , everytime I flip the newspaper or read online news , I can see many news about the car window smasher and they will steal lady's handbag.
They are now very daring....not targeting just handbag place on the seat but also below the seat too....Whoa!!!!! scary!!!!
Of course there are so many case Ladies got abducted while in car park and so on.
I am trying my best to minimise the risk and also take whatever pre caution I can think of.
This include stop frequent to Shopping complex and most of the time heading straight home....boring huh?
This all your fault villiant in the planet!!!!
Anyway, for handbag in the car I normally place it below the seal but since my bag is too big so it is visible....then when I read that this villiant fella is bloody smart I have not choice to do this.....

Bring back seat cushion cover to the front

My bag is too big and visible....

There you go...spread the cushion down

Oh!!! my big bulky handbag disappear.....

....and today I have no choice to bring small little handbag to work!!!
Ah!!! this is CRAZYYYYY!!!!


  1. hi rina, personally, i feel its still risky - these people knows there is something hidden beneath that cushion covers- they are not stupid.
    they may even be more tempted , thinking there a notebook hidden.. why not put in your car boot..

    1. I put my handbag like this when I am driving...never leave my handbag in the car.yeah! so risky!

  2. This is scary!! I always bring my laptop to work.. Once I park my car, I'll see outside and if got not bikers, I'll quickly come out of the car and cross the road! All the way walking from the car to my workplace, I'll be praying nothing bad will happen..
    Why are they doing such things! We don't feel safe any more on the road.. :(

    1. Hi Fida, yes this is horrible! its not safe everywhere we go. I never leave anything in the car when not around. But my friend's bag was snatched when she stop at traffic light! scary!

  3. this is a subject that often saddens me greatly. it's really scary to think that women drivers are falling prey to snatch thefts these days. i bring a small bag to work and place it under my seat whenever i drive.

    1. yeah! so sad and they are so crazy to harm safe!


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