Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day Trip to Bagan Lalang

Last Saturday, I went for day trip to Bagan Lalang near coastal area near Sepang district.
We went through few small town 

Muzium Automobil Nasional....mmmmm first time hear about this

On the way to Bagan Lalang we can see many dragon fruit aka pitaberry farm on left and right and ocassionally see few swallow nest building.
I end up bought 3 pitaberry (red color is my favourite) and this cost me....opppsssss!!! cost 'Chinggu' RM15 for 3.
Below is my caption near the beach.
Can see many tents...
families and friends picnic by the beach...some grilling seafood...mmmm yummy!!! 

below out!!!! don't know how to adjust it super big now!!1

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