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Valued Voice
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Friday, September 21, 2012

First Time Pasta Zamai

Last Saturday to see old time chinggu at Tropicana City Mall. Since I reached there early I end up getting my pedicure...kekekeke result me half hour late for the appointment. Very bad girl!

Julie's choice - 1st brunch
Rice top with grilled terayaki chicken and poarched egg

Julie's choice - 2nd brunch
spagetti in clams soup top with golden fried garlic
Both Jack and me end up digging into her bless meal hehehehe...sharing and caring!

Jack's choice - spagetti with beef and mushroom

My choice - spagetti with hotate and mushroom

3 of us sharing this as dessert.
Don't know what this call....taste???

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  1. YUM!!! It all looks DELICIOUS. And whatever that dessert is called, looks so GOOD!!! Thanks for sharing!


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