Saturday, September 22, 2012

Living Surviving

I woke up last Saturday with my Boss phone call rang to my ears...
Owhh!!!! WTH!
Forced to wake up with a cheer mood to asnwer the call.
Anyway, I need the salary to pay for my medical expenses though so God Bless!!!!
On computer and check out my email.
mmmm... Milly Ng from Central Physio in HK has replied me.
I need to plan my trip there for my severe bunion treatment.
Owwwhhhh! hell it is expensive trip ever!
My saving still not enough to cover the treatment cost yet.
Now I have to think about accomodation cost,living expenses,transportation and bla bla bla and the bla bla bla is actually dollar sign blink blink in my head!
My hair falling like raining day to think about all this.
Ah! not to mention , I need to crack my head talk to my boss in diplomatic way that I am going away for at least 14 days from work place but I still can work from HK.
Basically, pack up my things and relocate there for 2 weeks....

I should find Milly Ng earlier so I can plan better.
I wish I wish I wish.......God give me some inspiration for this.......
I am screwed up!!!!!

I need to do this so I don't live as handicapped next year!!!

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