Friday, September 7, 2012


With GPS helps...end up at Portuguese settlement on Merdeka Day....
Where is portuguese settlement in Malacca???
Good question..
Just get yourself one GPS and the rest follow instruction hehehehe...lazy people answer huh??
Portuguese settlement is at west side of downtown Malacca.
This place founded in 1930s by Portuguese descendants - Kristang.
Still remember that history book we learned in Primary school???
"Portugis menyerang Melaka???"
or in English Portuguese attacked Malacca????
happened in year 1511...ah!!! still remember that...
basically portuguese settlement attraction is the seafood and their portuguese famous food.
I don't go for their famous devil's curry and portuguese baked...just end up ordering for normal bland grilled goes my photo capture during my recent visit there...

drunken cat!!! 

this fella so hangover from yesterday night 31st Aug 2012 eve countdown party!!!

this portuguese's food court located directly at the coast 

looking out at straight Malacca

ah!!! this fella again???

beautiful huh??? 

this family is fishing for prawn

not that good catch at this side ....move on to the other side now... 

trying their luck fishing for prawn here ,....

small feet of mine...

damn slow service!!!!

no no...I don't try this....

many people sitting decided to join the crowd.... 

end up my drink came in this glass....ewwwwwwww.... full of bacteria...dare to drink from this glass???
so dirty!!!

this clams from Monterio exotic grilled..full of mud though! 

salted prawn baked from Terrace no choice with unconcious mind I swallow all this prawn! hhihihihih

pepper grilled crab...taste??? so so

another type of clams....taste??? so bland!!!!
This plate came to us like a dessert late!!!!

If you visit to Portuguese settlement...don't forget to visit this Joes Only one mango juice located right at the end of the food court...marvellouse juice!!!!
No joke!
I end up drank 2 cups!!!!
How the make this juice????
Half ripe mangoes blend
add water
add prune powder
add sugar water
shake shake shake....wallah...super duper refreshing mango juice!!!

as usual head to Jonker Street and end up digging to this oily fried fritters....

another oily stuff to my stomache....tornado potato

a must stop...if I am in Malacca...Bibik Cendol

I totally love malacca cendol!!!!
End of my 31st Aug 2012 escapade!!!!!

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