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Valued Voice
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tea Time at New Shanghai

Saturday teatime at New Shanghai, Pavillion

Love the ambience

Thought of trying their flower tea...afraid turn out like in 'Secret Garden' Han Ji Won and  Hyun Bin change body ...eheh since Hyun Bin not in front of coffee thirst is stronger..hahaha

need more whitening cream to become shanghai girl....

I had this radish cake...OMO...I guess it overcooked and taste ???? disappointed!

That uncle at the background totally into his food!!!! Ohooooo....

Crispy Chinese Pancake - Lotus

Shrimp dumpling

Thousand Layer cakes....Oh! well...I counted...this cake barely thousand layer....not even 5 layers ok!

jeng Americano...and Chinggu said this is just a Hainan Kopi O!!!
Princess said.... WHATEVER!!!! as long as this is coffee...

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