Monday, October 8, 2012

While Driving

I spend almost 3 - 4 hours on the road driving to work and back home.
I live far away from my work place?
The congestion due to too many people can afford to have their own car.
Traffic Jam!!!!
While driving, I try my best not to stress up.
So I start talking to think out loud!
When I think out loud ...I end up talking to myself in the car while driving.
Yeah! sound like a crazy woman...
But I am not...
Oh well people say whoever said they are not crazy meaning they are....crazy!!!
Whatever...can't stress my point further more...

Some of my crazy bitching alone in the car...

When people jumping the long line....

"Me : Weiiii!!!! you think I just arrive here is it???"
"Me : You think you so smart ar...get a short cut like that!!!"

When motorcyclist honk at me from far away just because I am giving signal to change lane .....

" Me : Weiii!!!! your father's road is it...why still speedy when I  gave you the signal from far away...
"Me : Weiii!!!! how much road tax do you pay to use this road like a king????  Don't tell me you pay more than me???

When the car in front of me driving like a snails...

" Me : You may be in leisure mood...but I am not!!! OOOO what the heck!!!
" Me : Wei!!!! why so selfish one?????

When car from behind is fast and tailing me like a want to kiss my butt!!!

" Me : What the fuck???? I wish I could have that flash light from the back and flash at you!!!
"Me : You diarhea is it???
"Me : You .... you... your house got wheel is it and its running away????
"Me : Whoa!!!! you try to make a mess with me??? I am Godfather granddaughter....I call all my mafia to kill you bastard!!!!

Thats all my rant in Monday moody now and I blame to my Monday Blues!!!

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