Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pei Ling Chinggu's Birthday Dinner @ Chakri Palace

Finally, I found ways to maintain this blog...huhuhuhuhu relieve!
I was so not use to that too.
So my readers...I am not changing. I will stick to this blog so stay tune....

Last Friday...went for dinner with colleague at Chakri Palace , KLCC.
Celebrate Pei ling Chinggu's birthday in advance...weeeeeeeeee!!!!
Her actual birthday is on 30th Nov ...since I will be freaking busy next week and she will be away to Lego Land to fight with all kiddos there...hehehehe..

Here goes our night feast....

look at Fad....she is busy updating her instagaram...mmmm young people

Happy face waiting for food...yum yum

Seafood platter
Chicken feet salad
Seafood Tom Yam Khung
Glutton colleague......muahahahahaha my face cannot be included...

Since that Chinggu so demanding wanna haagen daaz ice cream cake....
enough lo... you can't finish it la and plus so bloody expensive cake and all of us have to eat it fast as we can until headache and toothache.
Nahhhhhh...... new zealand ice cream treat from me...muahahahaha

Happy Birthday, Chinggu ya!!!!!
Saranghaeyou...... enjoy your lego land trip k!!!!!


  1. Miss rina, miss both of u.. Pei Ling n u.. Send my regard to pei linggg... I cannot reach her on the phone n i dont have your phone number also..=( SITI

    1. hi siti! drop by anytime here for dinner. You are most welcome.oppsss! call first la. The office number never change.


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