Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Experience in Myanmar

Monday morning, woke up as early as 3:00am.
Basically , I don't even sleep a wink....afraid I couldn't wake up.
Cab came at 4:30am.
6:55am board the plane to Yangon.
My meeting with Myanmar govt at 11:00am
Govt being a govt....
Meeting was delayed to 12:30noon.
Reached to their office for the first time was like....
mmmmmm.... am I at 1960's or 1970's era in Malaysia.
Its like in one of P Ramlee's movie set up.
Old building....people was wearing sarong and longyi.
Since there was a tender opening going on , when I reached there....
Too many people lining up and it was crowded.
I was a bit culture shock.
Came from the big and modern city like Kuala Lumpur.... I am mesmerised with the scene in front of me.
Meeting end up until 2:40pm.
Traffic was hell too overthere.
I end up having lunch at 3:00pm.
Off for another meeting and then by 4:00pm off to airport to catch my 5:15pm flight.
Flight was delayed.
I end up reach KL at 10:00pm.
By the time I reached home almost 12:00 midnight.
'Cinderella' off to bed.
My head goes 'wink' 'wang' 'wang'....spinning like a DJ playing with the record.
The next morning trying my best to wake up so I could go to work...but my head was very heavy and I don't think I could drive to work.
Doctor diagnose my blood pressure went down.... jeng jeng...
I received my MC.
Doctor was surprise on my ordeal, went to myanmar in just a day trip.
I said to Doc... everything is possible with Air Asia.
She then said to me....'got such thing huh????
Me said yeay....I done that....

She just give me tablet...ask me sleep more for tomorrow working day.
You need to get back your energy girl!!!
You overworked yourself again this time!
That what she said...

Now I admit.... I am not a girl anymore....
I am now officially 'old lady' OMO!!!!
That the reality.....ageing.... uwaaaaaaaaa....
I am going to die soon!!!!!

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