Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seoul : Jongmyo Shrine

Early morning after breakfast, I went out walking towards the historical sites. There are tourist guide map which I took from Hotel reception. I just follow through the map and found out the palaces and other historical sites is just walking distance from place I stay. Horraaayyyy!!!!
OMO!!!! now I feel like I should have stay longer...not enough time to cover this all.
There is lots of walking and walking and walking..... every night back home with sore feet!!!!
First site I visited is Jongmyo Shrine (Chongmyo Shrine).
This place built at the same time as Gyeongbok Palace to hold the ancestral tablets for the kings during the Joseon Dynasty.
The royal family will perform elaborate rituals here , 5 times a year to respect their ancestors. They still practice this until now. However , in modern days they will only perform this once a year which is during month of May.
Since this is the place to pray for the dead, so walking at this large area early in the morning is really make my mind at peace.
I love the beautiful shaddy trees and the feeling of the Joseon era really make me feel ....mmmmmm peace...The happy bird is singing and the chilling wind blowing the trees and see the fallen leaves....

Ginko tree and falling ginkos.
Love the yellow!!! so refreshing color.

This is what I am talking about.... the wind blow the fallen leaves....nice scene

Walking too long...cold and hungry....
This Ajussi is selling 'Grilled Goguma' (Grilled Sweet potatoes)
Bought two goguma and eat this at the near by park before I continue my lonely walking tour.

This is the scene at the park where I ate my goguma..
Full of ajussi with black shirt.
They are playing their traditional games called Baduk.
to be continued soon....

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