Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy Monday!!!
Last Saturday never expect to go out as far as Malacca since I am getting prepared to stay at home.
Yeah!!!! 'lazy ass' just wanna be 'couch potato'..muahahhaaha..
Motive to to find authentic 'Nyonya Food'.
Oh! I like!!!!!

definately one 'selca'
Top for today, I got it from

my favourite carpark now become like this.
according to the parking attendance there, they found old building site the archeology department is doing some research for this 'new found'.
Yeah...I saw there are two well too...may be a palace? or ancient house?
oh..whatever..I just wanna eat something now..

great photo skills???

they are having afternoon tea time moment on the other side of the river....whoa!!! so enjoy...and I so love to have that moment too.

beautiful hibiscus

fragrance Jasmine...

'nyonya delicacies'...yummy!!!
Me : Auntie!!! one each please...

nom nom love love...

my favourite 'nyonya' bistro...Cafe Eleven

there you go..'nyonya' spread for the day....
I am not suppose to eat all this since I am not fully recover from my fever and flue...huh???
Can I resist???
Hell no!!!
I blame to the person who brought me here.....wink wink

so love to eat!!!!

Have a good working day ahead,yo!!!

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