Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I do not know what to buy for my parent in Seoul.
My last day of strolling in Seoul....I found this Ajussi selling this...pillow.
So I end up carry all the way from Seoul back to Malaysia....2 of this pillows.
Heavy wor!!!!!!
 This Korean pillows filled with buckwheat husks.
 I think this will be totally unique gift :) for my parent.
I heard buckwheat is widely used by Korean in ancient time and even now as a therapeutic grain.
Therapeutic Benefits -
The unique shape of the buckwheat hull allows air circulation and helps maintain your normal body temperature. Also, these pillows provide the optimal alignment for your neck which eases the pressure on your spine, while conventional pillow fills cause neck and shoulder pains in the morning.
Sleep Better -
The buckwheat hulls weight-absorbing structure conforms to the contours of your face and head thus reducing the pressure on your body for maximum comfort.

don't know what he wrote here...

I bargain with this ajussi using calculator and he talked to me in Korean and I talked to him back in English...sort of Chicken and duck talking leeeee..... quack quack quack...cip cip cip...quack quack ...cip cip.... and then he wrapped 2 pillows for me and I gave him the money...happy chicken and happy duck...mmuahahaha...

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