Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Very excited I am going to Ha Long bay!!!
Ha Long bay is recognised as the World Natural Helitage.
Aiyo!!! Heritage become Helitage...ahahahaha...
mind my spelling grammar and whatever 'england'.
I sounds so chinese huh!
But this is how I sounds when in real life...just be myself la huh!
look at my face!!!
ah! now realise my face here look like 'Pau'.

In tour bus...getting ready for 4 hours journey from Hanoi to Ha Long

After long 4 hours journey....huh finally reached here.
Damn!!!! get down from the bus and I feel chilling to  deepest bones...bbbrrrrrr...very cold!!!!

rows of boat waiting for tourist to go on board....

finally left the port and I am heading towards the destination... 

fisherman boat house...amzing they can sleep at night in that boat house...
Here come our on board lunch...seafood...yeahhhhh!!! serious the food is so 'DAEBAK!!!!
Fresh seafood eating while boat is moving with wind chill blowing to your face...and in middle of the sea surrounding with limestones ...WTH!!! totally love the experience and I am fighting for my big portion for food because the weather and environment increase my appetite....muahahaha... pity Ajussi need to surrender to this one hungry  Malaysian Agassi!
Oh! I am sharing table with 3 koreans - one Ajussi and two Ajummas....huhuhuhuh told ya...I am more close to Korean now....muahahaha...

oooopppsss my other lunch photo fall below....hahahaha uploading error....

while eating...hand still snap left snap to the right and snap snap...

you can see my hand is so busy...fork and spoon and camera...whoa!!!!

omo! the fresh prawns and clams and clams again.... can't describe this feeling

some local rowing the boat....
After lunch... our boat stop in the middle of the sea and I paid USD6 to board on one small boat rowed by one local for sightseeing .
The person who row the small boat is surprisingly women.... serious imagine 4 - 5 person in one small boats and she rowed the boat with all her strength around the limestones.
I able to see the limestones from close distance....what an experience!

imagine this small petite woman rowed the boats full of big size westener....whoa!!!


enough of taking the small boat and now all of us back to mother boat and sail towards the next stop which is the stone Island

beautiful view from the top of the stones island...we are now walking towards the fisherman caves.

ignore this bad skill photography...
You need to go to Ha Long to experience the magnificient and breathtaking caves.
Seriously , the view in this heavenly natural created caves is so.... ah!!!! I can't describe this with my words...just pay a visit there and you know what I mean...

just a joke by the local...
this hole with the light up there is the HEAVEN!

and this dark hole on the ground is the HELL!!!!
and I say this... WTH!!!!
muahahahaha... well come story and legend....
Legend of Ha Long...what I heard from local..
Once upon a time , after Viet established their country, invaders came.
Jeng jeng jeng... (hehehe got sound effect some more)
The Jade Emperor sent down Mother Dragon and Child Dragons down to earth to help Viet to fight against their enemy.
Right on time!!!!
When the intruders landed its boat and at the same time the Dragons land down on earth.
(Just imagine the suspense and the fighting scene like in one of those heaven and earth Chinese Kung Fu movies)
The dragons immediately fire lot of pearls bullet from the mouth....
(imagine like machine gun in on of the 'Nam Tour of Duty' scene)
bam! bam! bam ! bam! ( lousy sound effect hahaha)
these pearls bullet turned into thousands of stone islands emerging in the sea like great walls.
Bam!!!! the invaders boat was too fast can't help it bang into these walls. They crashed and broken into pieces.
Victory for the Dragons and Viet!!!!
After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons didn't return to the Heavan. They stayed on earth at the battlefield place.
The location mother dragon landed is call Ha Long Bay.
Place where baby dragon landed call Bai Tu Long.
The end!!!!!

last but not least from my Ha Long Bay trip is this sweet lollipop by Ajumma to this Agassi.... ah! saranghae!

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