Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello to this late Uncle Ho aka Ho Chi Minh.
I met him at his Mauoleum.
I saw 'dead people' body!
I hear no evil and see no evil and I am the evil one.....muahahahaha
Creepy hor!
Who is Ho Chi Minh?
He is the father of democratic republic of vietnam.
This humble old man has been living as single throughout his life.
It was so strict to get into his Mausoleum.
No camera.
No talking
Dress decently.
Leg must be covered.
No shorts, no mini skirts
strict behaviour enforced by staff and guards.
They scanned you like you are boarding plane....
If you carry big bag...SORRY you got to leave it with them.
Oh! they scanned your bag too.
Visitors must be silent and walk in two lines.
Hands must no be in pockets, nor arms crossed.
Smoking, drinking,eating,photography, and video taping are also not permitted anywhere inside mauseleum.
What you can see in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum?
I witnessed Uncle Ho body.
His body was well kept within a glass type container with an honour guard surrounding it.
It was quite dimly lit inside the mausoleum.
Yes! what you can see inside the mausoleum is Uncle Ho body complete with his beard and moustache like in photo there. He was preserved in the cooled, central hall of the mausoleum.
Real dead people in there....
Govt built this for Uncle Ho.
But Uncle Ho don't want to live here.
He choose to live in pillar house below.

as a single man...Uncle Ho sleep in this decent bedroom

he worked and studied here

this is the mausoleum look like from behind

lake near where uncle ho live when he is alive

viet guard with uniform

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