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Valued Voice
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Chingu birthday this month so just spend sometimes to celebrate the precious one birthday!!!!
Getting older huh????
Yeah!!! all of us ageing....soon we going to leave this world!!!
Leaving behind all the work ..all the money we save...all the things we treasure ...everybody who love and care and we love and we care for....
This is just our temporary destination....and the next one????
Who knowsssssss....what its going to be like....
Of course my way of celebration is all about food...damn!!!! running 6 hours a day also will be waste of the effort and time huh?
We went for brunch at this place call Kesington.
Clam chowder with garlic bread as starter...

my main course...hahahaha no main course la...this is just like my snack...deep fried calamari with salt and peppercorn

Chingu chose this chicken vege casserole for main course.
I stop eating chicken, beef and mutton long time meat for me...I go only seafood or just vege.
Yeahhhh...I am working towards becoming a pure vegetarian soon.
Still learning and long way to go....since I can't stop squid and prawn...muahahaha
Then we went to favourite place jonker walking through different path of jonker walk...

Can't help it ...this rice cake look delicious...I bought and eat'em while walking and see vendors busy setting up their stalls

great to cure your thirst under the heat of hot sun

This dry squid grilling process really brings out good and alluring smells....uncle you sure this is the squid smells???? not your foot smells meh???
Then we decided to go for a pampering and rejuvenating moment...not my treat but the birthday person's treat....muahahahaha
I chose 30 minutes body massage and 30 minutes foot reflexology and 10 minutes 'guasa'.
Chinggu opt for just reflexology for one hour....
Damn!!!! we both came out fresh than ever.....
We just gotten all toxin removed from our body.... and here we go...add on more toxin in the body...

Garlic clams...delicious and finger licking good!!1

portuguese style grilled and spicy!!!

Don't forget this yummy nyonya cendol

this fried small crab for our snacking.....damn!!!! we really know how to enjoy street food huh!!!1

Time to say bye bye Malacca straights!!!!!
When we reached to our car....damn....chinggu ya!!!!! you so lucky ar???
You car????
Chinggu goes....... OH MY GOD!!!!!
What happen to my car????
All the birds in Malacca give their blessing by shitting on his car.... huahahahahahahahahahahahaha....I laugh like wanna rolling down....
...and chinggu goes....WTH!!! WTH!!! stupid bird!!!! get the toilet la weiiiii!!!
....and me goes... hahahaha the problem is you are parking under their toilet.... muahahahahahaha...
We can't even find place to put our hand to open the was bird shit all over his poor silver autobot!!!! goes laughing laughing the whole journey back to KL...
Chingu was damn piss off with the bird and also me... hahahahahahaha...
Bless you Chingu...see??? bird also give their their own ways!!!!

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