Friday, March 8, 2013


Last entry for Hanoi trip....yeay finally it come to the end of the story!!!
Overall feeling about Hanoi??? havoc in the city if you are like me who prefer quiete place...just plan for daily day trip to visit outskirts area.

early morning eat this seafood mango salad....

mushroom omellete
then I went out to find coffee and have one final morning walk before my airport transfer come to pick me from Hotel at 10am

view from one othe coffee place

beside this coffee place is the famous water puppet show theater place...
Yeah! if you love that korean variety show Running Man..
Watch EP 134 where all members came to Hanoi , this is the place and their race is around old quaters which where i stay in Hanoi.


spotted local selling fresh fruits

wonder...why they wear all white and in couple on that scooters convoy

morning market

they display chickens like that...
see see that one on the left...look like kungfu pose or something...

that cendol from malaysia since 1986???
hahaha...already close and they are selling shoes since it location near shoes street

love this hotel...they have fresh flowers... many of them...roses, lilies, french style!

This is a gift from Hotel staff to me.
Local rice cake.
It has pandan taste and sweet filling.

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