Friday, March 1, 2013


Here come the famous red bridge.
They are in the midst of touching up the paint when I was there.

There you go my 'best shot' of famous Hoan Kiem Lake aka West Lake of Hanoi.
do you know this famous lake also has this legend of Golden Giant Turtle?
this related to the legend of the returned sword aka excalibur , King Arthur version of Hanoi.
This Ho Hoan Kiem meaning ' Lake of the Returned Sword'.
I want to write about that legend....but....I am so lazy mode right just google it and read that wiki version, okay!

I want to try grilled corn in Hanoi but hey on the way walking back to Hotel from the lake saw this lady selling grilled corn....
See lor.... how they sell grilled corn in Hanoi....
You want to buy or not???? If you were me at that time????
Am I this adventurous to eat this grilled corn????
Grilled  corn on the floor everyone..... and seriously this is really 'street food'!!!!

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