Thursday, March 7, 2013


Last two post of Hanoi on the way to finish line!!!
Goshhhh!!! I took this long huh???
Before I went to Hanoi, I read in tripadvisor and they said a must try food in Hanoi is Cha Ca Thang Long. Some even exaggerated that this is the food you must try if you are at your last day in this world!!!
Since this is my last night in Hanoi....mmmmm by hook or by crook need to try this amzingly highly recommended food.
So I google cha ca thang long then found out this place is just about 10 minutes from my hotel.
Hhehehehehe... using the low bat smartphone...WTH!!! phone suddenly refuse to charge when you really need the service.
Anyway, excited to walk to find my Cha ca Thang Long dish.
It was freaking cold ok!!!
The traffic as usual madness!!!
Thank God!!!
I came to Hanoi before 'Running Man' went there for shooting. If not.....the crowd will be more more havoc.
Talking about my journey to Cha ca thang Long place...lost here lost there ...suppose to take only 10 stomache was rocking like crazy ....I took one hour to reach the place....uwaaaaaaaaaa.... I'm hungry, cold, headache.... where is this Cha Ca place????
They talk me in Veitnam coz I look like them so no point asking the local.
They thought I am the Viet who pretended to be a foreigner...WTH!!!!
Ya ya ya...I am Viet brought up in Malaysia...first time back to my birth place....

When it get darker the street full of motorbikes!!!! freaking havoc

finally I reached here..... This restaurant just sell this other dishes ok.
You sit then they straight away bring your Cha Ca Thang long set.
The only thing they ask is what drink you want.
The whole set for 2 is USD16.
I am one Asian petite adorable lady (uwekkkks) walk into the restaurant.
Oh thank God !!! one table vacant.
Restaurant always full...sometime you have wait outside for empty table..
I just got lucky that night!
My next table is 2 western couple.
They both share the come me enjoying the set for two with only me me...
hahahaha one big appetite asian lady huh???

This is the Cha Ca Thang Long after all the dill leaves added in.
What is Cha Ca Thang Long???
This is actually Vietnamese Hanoi - Style Tumeric Fish with Dill.
I am not sure whether this is the restaurant this dish but they were saying this dish got famous until the whole street was named after the restaurant.
But I think its another restaurant called Cha Ca La Vong.

When I sat down...they brought the gas stove and heat up this fish meat with tumeric in a pan.
Then only they add up the dhill above photo.

here goes the other side toppings to eat this Cha Ca...
Soft Rice noodles
mint leaves
shredded spring onion
ground nuts

The waiter taught me how to eat this...
First put the rice noodles in your small bowl
Then add in Cha Ca
The the toppings
then the sauce...
walah!!! your cha ca thang Long...enjoy...
Taste not bad!!! lots of this is one refreshing meal...
But I can't finish all of this by myself...
That waiter keep adding the veggies to my pot and it never ending story and when can I say stop to him????
A must try food if you in Hanoi!
Great experience!!!

Walking back to Hotel...get lost again...muahahahaha
then finally found the Hoan Kiem lake then I knew I am at the right track because my hotel is near by.
Then I saw people selling ice cream...remember a must try in Hanoi is delicious Coconut Ice Cream...
Wei!!!! it freaking cold to eat ice internal organ will froze off inside.
But hell!!!!
This is my last night in Hanoi...maybe this will be the last coming here...
I need to eat this ice cream..even if my internal organ will suffer...wahahahaha so determined!!!
I bought one!!1
No regret!!!
So yummy!!!!
But hey...I was like uhuk uhuk uhuk walking back to hotel...coughing..too cold.
My internal organ is protesting.... uwaaaaa.... sure cannot sleep tonight!

Enjoying my delicious coconut ice cream at Hanoi famous lake.
Beautiful...and the red bridge was light up too.
I love the scene!!!

This is my last stop for the last night!!!
I am off for my bed to wake up early getting ready to fly back to my homeland, Malaysia!

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