Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Weather in Bagan is freaking hot, yo!
Me when travel end up become a real fact I am trying to avoid meat and seafood if I can. But not that hardcore la.....huhuhuhuh
Even my diet now improve with beansprout and baby carrot for my meal....huhuhuh raw ok.
Yeah!  trying my best to be kind to animal!
Kyaw Swe brought me to this famous 'THE MOON' vegetarian restaurant near famous Ananda Temple.
This Restaurant is highly recommended by Tripadvisor.

appertiser ...ground nuts...small ground nuts and I call this cute adorable ground nut and it tasty.
I bought back ...huhuhuhuh as if here can't find ground nut..hahaha
Anyway , Bagan agri industry consist of ground nut, sesame, soy bean and other I don't know hehehe can't remember...Kyaw Swe did told me more but I forgotten hehehehe.

nice set up
although under the hot sun, I still find this place is cozy to have meal

i ordered a refreshing strawberry smoothies...

fresh young papaya salad

pumpkin soup with old grated ginger .
Too much for me for lunch so I end up pack this back home....oopppsss I mean back to room.

they serve me with this flat tamarind sweets at the end of my meal...
huhuhuh on my last day in Bagan, I keep pestering Kyaw Swe to bring me to buy this sweets.
Hehehehehe... he drop me at one shop in town to buy this delicious sweet.
I bought three big bags of this sweet .
Anyway just cost me USD3 for threee bag.
I gave it to my friends and they are all hook by this sweet....hahahaha infection disease hahaha

I also pack back delicious guacamole with papadam...serious back to hotel for 1 hour afternoon break before I continue exploring bagan...phewwww!!!!
I am glad I made the right choice to pack this to my room back with me.
I end up make this as my light dinner...and of course with my refreshing old ginger pumpkin soup too.

I am glad I brought over starbuck coffee roast for my coffee break too....
Lovely time in Bagan!!!!

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