Monday, September 30, 2013


Spending my whole weekend updating my online diary...while I am imagining looking back at this diary in another 10 years time.
Oh Gosh!!!if God allow me to live that long...meaning I am 48 years old in 10 years time.
Sabah trip is a good trip and memorable too.
I love nature by still I love all nature creatures...bugs,worms and all those animal freak me out!
I love everything about the refershing smells and view while exploring the Kinabalu Park.
The 2 hours plus journey from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang really worth it although tiring!
I booked bus tour day trip...20 pax in the bus - Japanese,Swiss,Australian,Taiwan,Singaporean and me being the lonely Malaysian in the bus..WTH!
Since I am alone the tour guide requested me to sit right in front seat of the bus.
We depart as early as 8:30am and reached back to the city around dark....8pm.
One in life time experience and this is wort it and memorable.

Mount Kinabalu...from far!
I once dream about climbing you but now I want to forget about it.
I feel I overestimate myself after finally standing in front of you.
Too great for me!
Too huge for me!
Too gigantic!!!
I feel scared.....kekekekeke...this is the truth maybe later years I can get back my courage to reach the peak!

Nabalu Market...
There are many types of rice selling here...pandan flavour,yam flavour and many more...chehhhh...I don't cook rice so don't buy any ...
I tried their famous pineapples and local made groundnuts...

visited botanical garden full of flora and fauna

Begonia plant or another name broken heart plant.
Unique plant!

beautiful wild berries and necklace plant

wild grapes

the naked tree
If you see the trunk is naked and also can burn this to be your insect repellent.

You see that unique root???
That is the only root where raflesia the biggest flower in the world will grow as parasite!
That root will grow shoot up from the ground connecting to other trees.

This call kerosene tree
Fruits smells like kerosene and can light up fire by burning the liquid in the fruit

on the way to raflesia garden saw this lovely view and valley....

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