Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I really have no time to re size and organize my photo while in HK recently.
Maybe the post will be up next week.
Just want to share on bunion foot for those who don't understand why big toe become like that big.
Don't blame just women who love high heel and because of this bunion foot develop....
BIG NO!!!!
Not because of high heels.
Even man has did man wear high heel???
No right!!!!
Bunion cause by wrong walking habit and pressure to our nerve forgotten to straighten the big toe which result to the bone on side of big toe protrude out like my feet in previous entry.
I learnt the right way to walk with Dr Milly Ng in HK.
Ah!!!! not like supermodel walking...but the right way to position our feet before and while walking.
* Straighten up your body
* Try to stand as tall as possible
* Tuck in your tummy
* put both you feet flat on the ground close together
* fill in all the gap in between of you foot
* Press harder is you still can see the gap
* start your walking with heel (push your body with the heel)
* then outer boarder of your feet
* then flat your straighten toe
while doing this.....relax and focus...
A bit difficult hor....I am practicing this after my micro current bunion treatment.
My bunion not completely heel since my big toe bone still there.
It will take sometimes to move back in.
I need to do that pressing exercise every morning and night.
At current at least my big toe has remember how to straighten up and more flexible.
the best of all can throw all my bunion splinter which I have to wear every night while sleeping!
My foot become like other normal human being and I can sleep comfortably without pain!
What shoes I can wear????
After the bunion treatment
This flip flop will encourage your big toe to press your foot inwards...and effected your nerves.

Big NO!!!!
Less flexible with my new way of walking!

Strap Sandal???
Big NO!!!
Pressing your big toe and will encourage that big toe bone to grow bigger and bigger.

Dr Milly said I can wear this kind of flex flat shoes and it is encourage to get similar design with at least 1 inch heels.
I can wear covered heels or even pointed heel shoes but not for long walk.

This kind of runner shoes...the best!
But we women....still wanna look taller with beautiful me now dumped all my platform and wedges shoes.
I starting to buy new flexible beautiful shoes for myself.

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