Monday, November 4, 2013

MACAU : RUINS OF ST PAUL AND MACAU MUSEUM final day in Macau before heading o HK then fly back to Malaysia tomorrow night!
'Kiasu' side of me... I need to make use of my final day today...I keep telling myself that...isk isk greedy!
I am trying to find way to Ruins of St Paul...but end up took the wrong alley...don't know where the hell am I!!! Gosh!!! I was there just last night...took the wrong turn...hehehehe

Finally found my way to St Paul and ...yeahhhh...they were dancing Portuguese dance under the hot sun!
"Jingli  Nona Jingli Nona euquere cassa"
Remember that song???
I only remember one sentence of those...used to sing this when I was little.
If it is under cool weather...I would say lovely....
But...under the hot sun???
Can see their armpit sweat as they were dancing!!! kekekeke... was a good experience!!!!

If you come to Macau...don't miss this place...If you come here on Sunday like...they will have some cultural event too.
This St Paul built in 17th Century and was destroyed by fire in year 1835.
Basically, the only thing left is the you see in the photo...
The fourth photo is basically back to that facade...yeah...empty!!!

Nearby St Paul ruined...don't forget to visit the Museum...serious...this is one interesting place of all in Macau...Oh..well..this is because I love history..hahaha..for some people may thing this is boring place.
You can find out interesting facts on Macau olden days to the new day.
Its free on Sunday...
There are many miniatures building inside too. I snap selfie at every miniature...can't show it here though...many will feel in love with me because I look too kawaii.....hehehehe...don't throw up!!! please!!!! serious...I find my statement is totally psycho statement...but can't help it!!!
WTH!!! bear with me as you read all my post!

outside that Grand Lisboa!!!! KBOOOOMMMMM!!!!
Its freaking hot...see my eyes winking too much!!!

Next...need to find way to cross over that bridge to Taipa free of charge !!!!
Me become Auntie Scroogie!!!
It is too burning hot to walk outdoor...I need to walk indoor!
Venetian City!!! I am coming!!!!!

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