Friday, December 6, 2013

I am sick but still flying out

I was so sick this morning but still dragged myself out from bed to work.
Trying my best to finish off my work but yet my body is totally against me.
OK ! Fine...lets go back home ...body!!!
Yeay...guess when you sick all the bad thing seems like magnet to you.
It was jammed as usual...gosh!!! I noticed the car behind follow me closely....WTH!!!
I knew it ! I knew it!!! this going to happen.
He kiss my sexy butt!!!
OMG!!!! This fella...
Yup!!! as a single woman drive I shouldn't stop right...
Oh well ...not that I proud because I just go myself in danger...
I just forgot what situation am I right at that time...
All I know when that car hit me...
I just up!!!
I get out from my car.
Look at my car behind...then after ensure no damage....I glance at him..I mean the other driver..that fella seems not too care to even lift his butt our from that car or even say sorry...
F!!! that arrogant fella...
Wish you bad luck!

I know I know...I am so bad to wish that fella like that...

I am no angel..I just human..when I get very angry ...I forgot about being good .
Yeahhh...guess my heart not that pure yet.

Then back home..when I was busy achhooooooing...I mentioned earlier I am sick right!
My sis called me..Parent got stranded at Gutherie R&R.
OMG!!! poor old folks.
Car couldn't start.
Thank God! sis live near by and she went for the rescue.

Car need to leave there...tomorrow leave it to my first sis hand since the rest of us are flying out to hatyai for short family vacation.

I don't how to say this...bless? disguise? what??? 
people kiss my car - no damage.Thank God! The other fella is not a gangster...but sounded like me being the gangster in this story.WTH!
me being sick - still bearable
parent car broke down in middle of highway-sis came to the rescue.

I take this as warning from God!
I need to watch out and be more careful always!
I am really sorry if really being a bad human to you.
I try to be good from now on...and remember well!

I hope our journey tomorrow is sweet memory!

God Bless!!!

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