Saturday, December 14, 2013


Woke up this morning with a feeling...

Ah...I am alive again.
I am one day older...
My body aching...sign...I am ageing....yeah! I am going through that natural process.
Everybody is going through this time.

Drove outside...see people with family in outing?
Walked to the buying groceries...
Stop by the cafe for with children having happy family breakfast.

While driving back home from dry clean...make me thinking.....isk isk...sad...

Who will comfort me when I am in pain?
Who will pour me drink when I unable to pour it myself?
Who will feed me food when I no longer have energy to cook or buy my own?
Who will massage my aching body when I am sick?
Who will attend to me if I am on the sick bed?
Who will console me when I am in fear to let go my life?

Who will be by my side at the end of my life???

I am comfortable with my current life...being alone and everyday alone is what I wanted.
But this doesn't stop me from wondering....

Even people with family and children can end up leaving this earth with nobody to say good bye....
To me who always alone I have hope to see somebody to say good bye to me, when time up?
When the angel of death come to me....who will say comfort words to me???

Just who is that person?

Have a good weekend...everybody!!!! Emo side of me huh??? 2nd Day PMS status hehehe...

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