Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Yeay! today is my final class.
I have done my presentation slides and now just need to REHEARSE REHEARSE AGAIN AND AGAIN for 23 April 2014 presentation.
My public speaking is so 'damn terror' so need to work harder le.
Guess what?
My super solid not so loyal netbook battery sadly announced died last night.
More money to spend for new battery. Hopefully less than RM100.

Just now met my ex boss for lunch.
He called me out to see if both of us could work together again.
Just for lunch...why not?
He is my great 'SIFU' after all!
He choose Nando's and I am not chicken so healthily...salad!
Whoa!!!! I am so bloody healthy today?
Early morning drink fruits and veggies juice and then half of sweet pears.
Lunch salad...dinner????
muaahahahahahaha... I whack 'nasi lemak'with sunny top egg.WTH!!!!
kekekekekeke...blame myself for not losing weight...I am so evil to myself today.

Talk about my ex Boss...he is still the same.
Preaching is his passion.
He was preaching the same old stories from 1pm - 4:30pm to me just now.
My bladder harden until feel like exploding.WTH!

'Dejavu' reminded my old days of 4 years ago.

I know its suffering moment but can call me psycho...I love to listen to him preaching and learn a lot from him.

He is still the same without any team.

I wish him luck le.... nothing much I can do to help him.
I wish to help but......... I want to live happily too! :)

Next week flying out to SAIGON!!!! WTH!
When my ex Boss keep asking me to invest on property and I being the 'Devil' ...keep encourage him to travel out frequently and enjoy the cash he has. Balance up your life are not going to live forever to enjoy that!
He has fear to take flight!

He should try bungee jumping to get rid of that fear!

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