Monday, June 2, 2014


This is my health it so secret??? WTH!
I even taught my mum this secret.
Good daughter huh?
But mum being a housewife has more time to blend the fresh ginger and turmeric for this drink. But me just settle for this jar of organic one which I gotten from AEON , Organic section.
Now I share this to public!
No more secret huh?

Every morning before driving out to work...empty stomach.
I will drink this turmeric and ginger concoction.

Add in half cup of hot water :
* One spoon of ginger tea powder
* One spoon of turmeric tea powder
* Half spoon of tamarind paste

Stir it well....then add in half cup of cold water to make your tea warm instead of hot.
Reason ?
We are going to add one spoon of honey in it.
You cannot add honey into hot water.

After you add honey into your drink it and then you are ready to drive out to work.

Benefit to this turmeric and ginger concoction :

#Turmeric - powerful liver cleansing spice. It will help to detoxify your liver and provide potent anti-inflammatory benefits.It also researched as possible benefits in Alzheimer's disease,cancer and arthritis.

#Ginger - high level of vitamin C , magnesium and other minerals and it helps to reduce bloatness

#Tamarind - used as Ayurvedic medicine for gastric problem,digestion problems and cardio protective activity. Another benefit ,tamarind protects from Vitamin C deficiency,good source of antioxidants, helps fight against cancer and used as blood purifier.

#Honey - I prefer honey instead of Sugar, reason?
Honey is an aid in Weight Loss,Boosts the immune system,anti bacterial treatment,energy booster and aids in digestion.

Do you think this concoction taste sucks???
Give it a try...then you don't wanna give a miss..hahahah...seriously! this taste delicious!!!!

At night, I will drink warm Ginger tea with honey.

I hardly fall sick this year!!! I think....because of this drink...does this make sense???

Good news, I lost 2 kg by in 3 weeks by drinking this every morning. Serious!!! not joking....I have been running on my treadmill for 2 years...I don't even lose 500gm. Last night, when I weight myself, I lost 2kg....gossshhhhhhh!!!! Love is in the air!!!! I love this much!!!


  1. Wah later kita nak cuba la....mcm menarik jer...mcm best jer....opss kita nak mintak tlg anta pic haritu

    Tq so much!!! Mmmmuaaahhh

  2. Hi Azza, kita dah email kat awak gambar tu. TQ for being my partner for a day!

  3. tak perlu nak makan pil bagai kan..ada cara tersendiri dan mudah serta selamat untuk kurus ni.... salam dari kenalan blogger kilang mamee.

    1. Hi Ema! Yup..tak payah makan pil. Tapi kena la jaga makan sket!

  4. Really taste good ke ni, Cindyrina? Rasa cam nak cuba tapi bila nampak the words -turmeric and ginger, rasa cam nak sembunyi bawah katil je.

    1. Sedap je! saya minum ni tiap tiap macam jamu awet muda Indonesia

  5. Awak2...nak tanya beli kat mana ginger tea & turmeric tea tuh ya??

    1. Azza, kita beli dekat Aeon Jusco One Utama. Jusco tu je ada tea ni. Pegi kat organic section tu.


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