Monday, September 29, 2014


Last Friday night, while I am trying to sleep....It was a long day for me. So I am really freaking tired that night. Trying to sleep well....then...

One SMS came through at 11:47pm.

At first I don't feel like want to even look at it. 
However...since I am one fella who can't let go thing easily.
I have a quick look with one eyes open.

" StanChart:Purchase of USD89.90 from card ending XXXX on 26/9/2014 at 11:29PM. Available credit XXXXX. Visit"

My both eyes wide open...WTH!!!!
OMO! OMO! Which ghost is digging into my purse and have a happy shopping free online with my credit card????


What should I do???

What if another USD1k pop out???
I think I would faint!!!!

OK..relaxxxx...don't panic!

My last transaction using this card was on the same day afternoon to reload my starbuck card.

I dig out my purse and took out my credit card for bank phone number. Calmly explained to the Customer Service. The girl name Ayu attended to my panic attack!
She then calmly told me calmly that she checked the transaction then verify to me that I am not the one who make the purchase.
I then confirmed to her I was on my bed when the sms came through on the the purchase amount USD89.90.

She confirmed to me she had blocked my card for any further transaction. Then told me the replacement card will be sent to me within 5 working days.

She told me if within 3 working days the transaction does not post into my statement then ....NO Problem for me.

However, if the transaction appear into my card statement then I need to fill up the dispute form.

The dispute process will take within 60 working days for investigation. During the period I don't have to pay for that amount. However , if they investigation is not on my side then I need to pay for it le....

Pray hard!!!!! that transaction does not appear in my card statement.

I really don't want to go through the dispute troublesome!

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