Friday, February 26, 2016


Most of us drive to work , college and even during weekend for our leisure time. Nowadays, traffic is getting bad and people are getting crazier! I guess because of food they ate and also stress in life.

I always believe every traffic jam start with an 'idiot' act'! Here are some of list that I can think off base on my experience driving on the road.

1. When the driver are busy texting at a red light and they don't notice the light turn green. 

"Gosh! You just make me miss the green light!"

2. When the other driver just stare at you when you are both stopped at an intersection. 


3. Fast car show offs out of sudden. 

"DAMN! wish you hit that barrier!"

4. When they all change lane on the sudden without any signal.

"Hey! am I invisible?"

5. A sudden 'U- Turn'.

"Huh! forgot something?"

6. They drive 10 mph under the speed limit.

" Hit it up, MAN!"

7. That same driver who drive under 10 mph speed limit drive over the yellow light and leave you stuck at the red light.

" Gosh! how convenient? "

8. When you are driving over the speed limit and somebody STILL BUSY TAILGATING you and flash you a high beam with signal to the right.

" Go la ..go la..see whether you can go or not??? You 'KOPI O' licence fella!!!"

9. When someone brakes hard at the very last minutes.

" You shocked me!!!! Hey! I don't wanna kiss you!!! "

10. When the driver in front of you act super generous and let everyone cut in front of them.

" Isk ..isk..isk ...why you so stingy to me? "

11. When the drivers merge into the turn lane cutting off everyone who's already in line like long hours. I bet you face this everyday.

" How convenient!!! Thick face!"

12. When you let the other driver through and THEY JUST PULL their POKER and ARROGANT FACE!

" Ungrateful fella! "

13. When the other driver go too slow in the fast lane of the highway.

" So relax hor...UNCLE? AUNTIE? 

14. When the other driver forgot to turn the headlights at night.

" Ommaaaa!!!!!! where are you come from why suddenly appear?  You were right behind me all this while?"

15. When they are busy chatting to the people in the car rather than focus on the road.

" Hope nothing bad happen? God Bless! Amin!!!!!"

16. Endless Motorcycles in between of the lane. You can't even change lane . You will get honk by those motorist if you even dare to signal out to give way.

" Haihhhh! I paid more road tax but yet you are the King! "

17. The other driver blasting their bass out loud and it hit your heart.

" I think I just got a heart attack! "

18. Crazy driver testing new car by 'zig zagging ' .

" Owwwhh!!! common!!!! "

19. The driver too focus talking on the phone while driving and just drive as if the road is his.

" Dude!!!! park a side la.....Don't you see this long line behind you?"

20. The no passer. This driver is driving very slow but when you trying to over take , they speed up so you don't have chance to over take.

" You...small heart fella!!!! I wish you meet your match soon! Good Luck! "

Here goes at least these are the list of most annoying people while I driving everyday. What is your story? Mind Sharing? I give you chance to let out your frustration and rant your driving experience here on my site.

Let it go! Let it go!!!!!

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