Monday, March 14, 2016


Recently, unboxing some of my last year Christmas sales shopping. I love shopping nearer to Christmas and New Year sales. I can get many pretty and good items at good bargain. Yeahhhh!!! its a bit late to unboxing my shopping bag but hey...I bought it as my beauty item stock. So now only need to use it!

Foundation by Kayo Horaguchi

I gotten this 2015 limited edition ZA perfect for two way foundation by Kayo Horaguchi. So love the casing full of floral and butterflies. I bought it during the Japanese cosmetic sales at Isetan, One Utama last year.

Who is Kayo Horaguchi?

She is a fashion designer who starter her new career as an illustrator and graphic designer in 2006. She is well known with her elaborates romantic image by illustrating vividly colored girls , nature, animals and other many motifs overlapping with each other. 

She also has her own original brand " Kayo Horaguchi " where she designs interior, stationery, clothes and other daily item. 

Recently , she is well known for her collaboration with Sanrio character ' Little Twin Stars ' also known as " Kikilala".

I bought this box for RM50/- which is great bargain for a limited edition and plus they include one refill pack in this box. WTH!

Can last for many moon for me! hehehehe.. pat on my back for this!

Foundation unboxed from its packaging

My experience using ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation SPF 20PA+++

* Feel Lightweight when apply over skin and breathable

* I amaze with its poreless effect and also keeps my skin high moisture through out the day

* Again...I can't help to praise about it natural finish but magically hides pores at once

* My skin feel soft all day and no shining or stickiness effect with this.

Girl posing with foundation

How to use ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation?

* Apply an appropriate amount over dry skin or slightly moistened sponge and spread evenly from the center of the face outwards.

Note : 
1. Please make sure to always keep sponge clean to assure a smooth even application.
2. Reducing the amount applied will lower the level of protection significantly. Since its only with SPF 20PA+++., it is recommended to use with UV protection of SPF 15++ or higher. In my case I use SPF 30PA++

Girl posing after applying foundation

What attract me to buy ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation?

Well apart from the beautiful and 'kawaii' casing.....

It claimed :

* Smooth , micro fine powders when spread evenly over the skin.
* Minimizes the appearance of pores, uneven skin tone and dullness.
* Contains Collagen, Vitamin E and moisturising ingredients hyaluronic acid
* Gives a lasting bright finish.
* Anti shine powder absorbs excess sebum to prevent shine and stickiness

What is my say after experimenting going out for a day with ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation?

I want this more and more and it really does what it claimed. Thumbs up!

Negative experience?

I need to extra careful because this foundation cake can turn into powder anytime soon with my clumsy character. hhehehehe...I just turn  my Collagen Etude House compact into powder last week. Thats the reason I need to unboxing this sooner than I planned. Haihhhhhh....

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  1. so natural.. definately recommended for those who wants to go for the natural nude look

  2. I'm using one of the ZA foundation too! Love the lasting bright finish and of course the anti-shine to prevent our face from being greasy!

  3. the package looks very girly and beautiful :) and you look good with this

  4. wow.. that looks good on you. The package is beautiful too

  5. i have lot of my Malay friend love this products too...

  6. I like the box, it's so pretty with butterfly in it, micro fine powder is great because it makes the skin looks smoother

  7. Looks natural, and looks good on you
    I love the packaging, looks so lovely

  8. I need to try this! Thanks for your review and recommendation.

  9. like the packaging.. it is pretty, and the product looks like it suits you very well.. used to use Za but have not for a while now... maybe its time to check it out again

  10. YER! your line stickers are soo cute! haha. this foundation looks like it suits your skin pretty well :D

  11. I've always loved ZA products! They do a great job for covering flaws on my skin! Price also affordable.

  12. thanks for introducing the way of using the foundation. i like foundation that can make skin look soft throughout the day (so hard to find one nowadays)

  13. guess i shud try it out next time, it seem goods !

  14. My sisters and I also used Za products because it is good for us! It is cheaper only!

  15. I would love to give this product a try! I love the idea of achieve poreless make up =D

  16. Honestly it has been ages since I used ZA products. Their products aren't bad but I'm not a fan of compact powder

  17. I tried this compact foundation before, its quite good and also affordable.

  18. I love the packaging. Its designed really well. I love the little bird

  19. The result is natural. Like it!
    Desperately wish to minimize my face pores to look better and feel great.

  20. Last week i turn my favourite compact powder to a powder huhuhu. Za product I use when I'm in University. Love the eye linear but never try Za compact yet.

  21. You look awesome after the application of ZA. I also have a couple of Za products in my cosmetics bag.

  22. I have never used their products but looking at your photo can see it looks very natural look.

  23. i used to use this kind of powder to try to cover the imperfections, it works but quite drying for me

  24. Looks really simple and good, will try it out.

  25. Za is a good product in market and has been in market for so long.

  26. Looks like you've got some lovely products there! Enjoy your weekend, dear! xoxo


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