Friday, September 30, 2016


Milk is not for only babies or kids. Babies or kids need milk for healthy growth. We adult need to drink milk for our healthy golden years. Once you understand the importance of milk then, one will start drinking milk without a second thought.

5 reasons why milk is good for health :

1. Protein

Excellent source for protein and it has 9 essential amino acids which important to meet our physiological needs.

2. Potassium

Regulates our blood pressure and we needed this for muscle contraction.

 3. Calcium

Strengthen our bones and can at least prevent it from old age disease such at osteoporosis.

4. Vitamins

Fantastic source for Vitamins A,B-12 and D.
Vitamin A to maintain good eye sights and smooth skin. It also helps to controls cell growth and proper functioning of our immune system.
Vitamin B-12 is essential for nervous system and also for blood formation.
Vitamin D helps for calcium absorption

5. Niacin

Keep normal function of enzymes and body process sugars and fats which is important for nervous system development.

More reason to list down but the rest are too scientific jargon for me to remember. In short, milk are essential for our health and helps us to grow old healthily. 

I one person who is lazy to even drink. But after the doctor diagnosed me for early Osteoporosis near knee area at this age....isk isk isk ...regret to max and totally beyond regret now! Doc said it was too early for me to have such bad bone. My feet are all curling up at night and unable to walk far. Scary to think of future with all this. I can't run and I can't jump like last time anymore. My activities are limited. I wanna protest but I am the one to blame for neglecting my own health. (***sob sob sob***)  serious wanna cry if talk about this apart from it being too painful at time.

Damage have been done! No point to regret. I am moving forward to sustain life. I started drinking milk. People say...never give up and no such thing as too late. I was not a milk person but  understand how important it is for my health.

Recently, Dutch Lady Malaysia sent me a stack of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk for 7 days Milk Breakfast challenge.


Day 1 - Breakfast sponsored by Dutch Lady Malaysia. 
Tuna Sandwich and Strawberry Oat milk and box of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Day 2 - Blueberries Overnight oats with Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Day 3 - Blend Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk with Almond and top with dried Cranberries

 Day 4 - Over slept and all I can grab is one green apple and convenient pack of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk

Day 5 - Quick grab of wholemeal egg and sardine sandwiches with Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.
Day 6 - Feeling so 'rajin' to boil egg the night before and pair it with cherry tomatoes and blueberries and of course my source of essential vitamin Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Day 7 - Homemade wholemeal salad and cheese sandwiches , cherry tomatoes and Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk.

Benefit to drink milk in the morning :

* Provides protein for morning breakfast
* It helps to build body muscles and best to drink it early in the morning after 7 - 8 hours empty stomach

Benefit to drink milk at night :

* if you drink warm milk at night before bed it can help to calm your mind and better sleep.
* help to reduce tiredness

Basically drinking milk is my daily routine now especially after the diagnosed. Young people out there, whatever reason you have include milk for your daily diet. For some of us  'COFFEE IS MY STYLE AND MILK JUST FOR BABIES! 'You are lucky if you don't feel aching like I do now. Don't be like me. I am at point of prevention is not even an option!

Here some message from Dutch Lady for you precious living people out there.


  1. Agree with what you says here! I am a great fans of Dutch Lady too!

  2. This is really important for everyone! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I still half way on the challenge... Day 5 only.. You completed the 7 days d.. so fast..

  4. Nice challenge that you had to have milk everyday. I will follow your advice now to stay healthy.

  5. my fav full cream to eat with cereal!! yumsss!!

  6. Really good advice! I always try to drink milk everyday :)

  7. I stopped drinking milk cos I thought it will make me fatter!! I am surprise that milk helps with weight loss. Did you lose any weight during these 7 days??

  8. Absolute great post... I agree with you completely... it is important to have milk with our daily breakfast.... and more...

  9. I agreed that milk are not just for baby . I love to drink milk too especially this brand :)

  10. Woo i love milkkk!!!i drink it with my coffee hhehe

  11. i love dutch lady milk!!!is my everyday breakfast!!

  12. Absolutely love Dutch Lady as it brings back good memories from my childhood days and I completely agree on what was mentioned above :) Thumbs up and cheers to the share.

  13. Yes milk is good for adults also especially women. We need calcium for our bones.

  14. Wow! Love the ideas! Thanks for sharing! This will be great for my son during his snack time hehe

  15. Indeed when we grow up we kinda forgot the importance of drinking milk to supplement us with nutrients. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. ah nice post! I should start drinking milk today onwards. :)

  17. Milk is for everyone, especially growing children. I used to drink a glass a day and then I got lazy. Must pick up the habit again.

  18. milk is really important for our health. that's why i love it!

  19. Your meals are really healthy. Guess I should prepare mine as well.

  20. simple breakfast go well with Dutch Lady milk and its provide all the nutrient that need in our body.

  21. Be it baby or adult, milk is so important to everyone of us for health purpose :)

  22. I have milk for breakfast :)
    good information to share

  23. Aiyo....this is my favourite milk! I buy it every week ;P
    You're one of the most active person I know. I wish your bones speedy recovery.

  24. i agree that milk is for everyone as we all need our calcium intake! Without it our body is lacking of something

  25. My house never runs out of Dutch Lady milk haha! Thanks for sharing some healthy breakfast inspirations here!! Running out for breakfast ideas lately T_T

  26. i was very happy to received milk at my doorstep..your breakfast looks yummy~


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