Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What is Abam ?

Since last year I notice Malay male referring themselves as 'Abam' in their FB timeline post. At first I thought its their 'calling name'. But then it not just one. Here 'Abam' and there ' Abam'. All different people referring themselves as 'Abam'.

I want to ask friend but most close friend is Chinese. Owhhh! they will laugh at me if I ask them that question. I am the one suppose to know this. haihhhhh....

The introvert me then use the usual way. Just google the word.

The result show me that! I was like....WHAT???? You mean those people has been referring themselves 'Abam' ...and that 'Abam' means is one of those? Cannot be...right? It just doesn't make sense to me. goshhh!!!

I need to solve this mystery tonight or I can't sleep tonight. It was on Sunday night by the way.I need to find out. Best Malay connection is my 2 sisters. Posted in our usual 'Kakaotalk'

Me : Girls! may I ask a question?

Last Sis : Yes. 

Me : Do you all have Malay male friends who refer themselves as 'Abam'?

Last Sis : No! Why?

Me : I noticed many Malay male blogger friend refer themselves as 'Abam'. Then when I google the meaning of 'Abam' , the result just doesn't make sense to me.

 I then post the the screen shot of my google result.

 Last Sis : Hahahahaha...so funny! You mean they call themselves that?

Goshh!!! thought I am bad but she is at the same page too.

Third Sis : Ohhhh...'Abam'? Last year I notice many Malay male friends refer themselves as 'Abam' too but I mistakenly thought as 'Apam' (Apam is the name of some traditional cakes). Then I laugh at those fella who call themselves 'Apam'. Then notice there are so many 'Apam' around. hahahahahaha..weird! So many call themselves as 'cakes'?

Me : hahahahahaha...'Apam'? worst than me! Ya lorrrr..so weird.

Last Sis : 'Apam'? hahahahaha...so funny the call themselves 'Cakes' . 'Abam' ? 'Apam'? cannot use proper name to refer themselves ar?

Third Sis : I asked them why refer themselves as 'Apam'. I got laugh big time by those people. Haihhhh...

Third Sis : Then they explained its actually 'Abam' . It means 'Abang' (Brother) and shorten it to make it sounds more unofficial and friendlier then call themselves ' Abam'.

Me : Owhhhhhh!!!! 'Abam' is actually mean 'Brother'? huh!

Last Sis : Ohhhhhh!!! like that also can ar?

Now I can sleep! At least some answer and yet still doesn't make sense from 'Abang' to 'Abam'. Why?  Too many 'Abam' around too.


  1. Lol, your third sis is funny, apam instead. But yea, it's the 'new' version of abang for malay guys. Dunno who started it. I guessed what it meant straight away when I saw it a few times. Lol.

    1. I thought that too but still doesn't make sense why throw the 'NG' and replace with 'M' . I thought its a new meaning because of that. I complicate myself because of that. hahaha

  2. Haha. Abam is actually supposed to make the Abang word more cute, sexy like that. haha

    1. Thank you Zayani for your confirmation. hehehe..cute maybe...but SEXY??? Owhhh!!! can't relate to that. hahahaha

  3. interesting chat on this. Hehe. glad you share this on blog.

  4. Lol, there are too many new unofficial words nowadays. Abam sounds understandable but shuben (husband) I really beh tahan... :D Tips for you, try to google it in Malay to get the more accurate meaning :)

    1. my mistake not to google it in Malay. hahahaha...never think of that.Shuben? OMG! got such thing too?

  5. I knew that it's short form for Abang. Yes, I have many Malay friends. :D

  6. Hehhehehe....I got annoyed by it truthfully..but I would say it's the same as the girls trying to say "sayang" but turned into "cayunk"..."abam" probably just sounds cuter???

  7. Laugh-die-me... I have yet to hear of 'abam', but if I do, I will cringe. The word bum keeps crossing my mind - "ah-bum" ..haha! ^.^


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