Monday, August 28, 2017

Shipping from Mizzue Took More Than A Month

Another Online Shopping Nightmare!!!! isk isk isk This time is from Mizzue.

I am a sucker when it comes to sales advertisement. Damn it! I know...this is bad habit but...being an online shopping addict, I can't resist! If you one of those avid Facebook users like may notice this Mizzue FB advert video and so on. Mizzue is one of those bag famous online shopping website with good quality handbag. Their unique selling point is spacious and trendy handbag. I kind of love most their bag. My nightmare story with Mizzue started like mid July this year.

This is perfect for my travel bag.
I saw this Mizzue advert Buy 1 Free 1 on FB ads. I was like falling in love with it. I went back home and can't even sleep at all until click purchase. (Damn loser ,right ?) I reached office at 7:00am the next day and can't help it because my mind like fill with that bag. Gosh! Mental not so strong and click purchase. Further more, I did a review on Mizzue before, so not so worry about the late deliverable from them. During my review they delivered the bag to me less than a week. Very fast for the Hong Kong company. I was super impressed with their efficiency at that time. I love Mizzue bag. Good quality and beautiful design. Sincerely , think they have good products! That is why, I wanna buy from them again!

I ordered on 14th July 2017. For your information, No Typhoon Hato hit HK yet , OK! My nightmare begun on 21st July 2017. There will be slight delay due to overwhelmed order. According to their email my item only WILL ARRIVE from 7th - 14th August 2017. I am still fine with this though! Temporary Happiness alert ! 

14th August 2017 has past. I inquired about my order to their online chat and the Customer Service name Nisha who replied to me my order will be arrive between 21st - 25th August 2017. Delay another week. I guess she also not sure when is the date of arrival.

The week after , I inquired to them again the same person replied me my order will be shipped out by 28th August 2017. Are you kidding me ? I read Mizzue Shipping policies in their website. The delay shouldn't be up to more than a month, though! I am fine to wait for 2 - 3 weeks but more than a month ????

Well, unfortunately recently there a disaster in HK. Since now Typhoon Hato already hit HK and many logistics will be disrupted. I am sorry for that! As a customer, we need to understand those retailers, right ? Aihhhhh! I am not sure if anybody understand how I feel right now ? They could have deliver the item earlier though if they are really prepared to do the promo. This is WHAT??? One Months plus of waiting!!! Are you freaking kidding me ?

Dear all Retailers ,

If you are really sincere in doing business, don't just pleased the Bloggers and Influencers to promote your Brands. The real customers is the common people out there. I am both! Bloggers and super power customers. I may received your products in exchange for review but at the same time if you have quality products , I will be your customer too. The real customer are the one who give you sales, right ?Why are you so slack off in the deliverables when it come to real sales conversion ? Why ?

Feeling cheated!

Note to myself right now...understand them. They are hot selling Brand. You are not the only customers. Furthermore , they are currently in disaster zone area. I hope my mind will be ease and peace by being understanding.

25th August 2017 , Finally received email reply from Mizzue on my order delay complain.
Here are the reply ,

Thank you for contacting us.

We’re extremely sorry that we’re experiencing an extra delay that has affected your purchase.

Your ordered items will replenish around 1st September and will be ship out within 2 - 3 days after replenish.

Please rest assure we will arrange shipment as soon as we receive the goods.

As a gesture of appreciation for your patience, we'd like to offer you a gift card worth RM15 towards your next purchase. Just contact our Customer Services representative after your order is delivered to redeem.

For you information, the gift card is like a electronic voucher which can be used to deduct the total price of your order. Please kindly note that the gift card has no expiry date, so it can be used anytime for your next purchase.

If you wish to cancel, please kindly be informed you will be refunded via gift card.

For you information, the gift card is like a electronic voucher which can be used to deduct the total price of your order. Please kindly note that the gift card has no expiry date, so it can be used anytime for your next purchase.

Please reconfirm if you wish to proceed or cancel the order.

Please accept our sincere apology for keep you waiting and thank you for your patience.

If you have any further inquiry, you are most welcome to email or contact us again.

Obviously , I need to wait longer because of Typhoon in HK, right ??? As I expected. But the word 'replenish' really hit me! What do you mean by that ??? Gosh!!! They are not even serious on fulfilling the orders to customer when they did the promotion. RM15 gift vouchers for few hundred bucks items which you gonna wait for another ???? What ? 1 month? 2 months ??? Are you kidding me ???

If you were me what will you do???

I just requested for refund. Why would I wait like an idiot for something like... God knows... when ? They are obviously not sure when the items going to reach them too.

I have no luck to shop at Mizzue. isk isk isk...So sad! No new handbag.

Please share what is your worst online shopping experience....


  1. Foe me, as long as its arrive, it should be fine even it took a little bit time. I am frequent online shoppers, the worst thing I got was,the item arrived was the different item. but after complain, i got full refund and the wrong item was mine too... ehhehee

  2. They approached me to blog for them.
    After I told them which bags I want, no reply at all.
    Looks that they failed to please bloggers and influencers too LOL!

  3. hahahaha! a headadche lah that's why I only go to proper online retailers that accept paypal.
    can ask for my money back without problems.

  4. I'm sorry to hear your bad experience. Hope you'll feel better soon. I do read a lot of review before I placed order to certain online shop.

  5. If I were made to wait so long, I would continue to wait for it, since in my heart, I already wanted that particular bag. And with the refund, I wouldn't want to shop a second time and experience the same thing.

    1. They don't deserve my hard earned money , though!

  6. That bag looks good though and well worth the one month... Lol.. they probably went and got a new one cut and sewn for you....

  7. Oh shit! Well, I don't remember experiencing any nightmare online shopping like yours...but yea..i would probably do the same...just get a refund...and the rm15 off (to me) feels like a slap in the face..they should be refunding a whole new bag...

  8. oh dear, sorry to hear that. Mizzue brand seems good but they seriously need improvements

  9. sorry to hear your story, i had never have experience like this before..i was not a frequent online shopper. maybe thats why..hope you will get your refund soon

  10. Seriously this experience are pretty sucks tho! I got one I order 2 outfit for review purpose, but until then I only receive 1 instead of 2. I ask them when is the another one be shipping soon? They say will check but no response. Then few days I receive email ask me to review one outfit and video it can ah? I was like can you settle my parcel first? Lol so far buying ownself online are pretty good experience la. But I hate those didn't state pre order and when I wonder why so long and email them. Only they say is pre order have to wait longe LOL

  11. i truly agree with your words! I do purchase back from those brands (just don;t need to write a blog post for that~) who gave me their products to review, only if their products meet my expectation in both quality and price. But sadly, sometimes even food in some restaurants aren't of same standard any longer. -Joysofyz

  12. I experience this many times. Especially the different from blogging review item and buy as a customers. So sad right.

  13. You are so patient. At least you handled it beautifully. You can give yourself a pat on the back. xx

  14. Mizzue service is really lousy !I I feel CHEATED ‼️ I had been asking for refund since June 12th ! Thy said the processing time took 25 -30 working days ! It’s a lie !!!!! Now is alr Oct 18 n I not even get the refund. Keep dragging the refund , live chat not even reply and not even a phone number provided in website to directly reach them ! Lousyyyy company la !!!! Bad online experience ever!!!

    1. seriously? may i know which bag that you purchased? is it the buy 1 free 1 promotion? and why they never sent your item? omg, i seriously been eyeing mizzue for a long time and had just made payment yesterday :(

    2. I thought mine was delayed because of that typhoon.It seems this is not the case. I wish they buck up on their service.

  15. Just read ur blog..i just ordered the bag but thank god that i tick cash on delivery..huhu

  16. I ordered last dec 2018 until now t hasn't arrive. Their reason? Due to holidays 😞

  17. Hi. Did you get a refund for this? Im from PH, and its almost a monthmozzue ask me tk wait another 2 weeks.


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