Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Learn Swimming at 40s

Swimming is famous for being good for health and well being. Regret! I took this long to learn swimming.

I always wanted to learn swimming for many years. But most of the time 'chicken ou't due to one article I read about how much saliva and urine in the pool. Yucks!!!!! Can't imagine myself swim in the pool of urine. isk isk isk..

It was resolution years after years and only this year I have the courage to visit the Public Pool and learn it. Yup!!! I finally jump and swim in the pool of urine and saliva. Yeay?  Uwaaaaa....don't even wanna think further about that. All I did was scrubbing and and cleaning myself well after that swimming session.

I don't really attend any class or whatsoever. Just out of courtesy my friend guide me as I brave myself into the water. I call this class just to discipline myself!

For those who around my age or even younger, who still have fear to learn swimming, please start. Swimming can change your health positively. Plus it really fun swimming and floating in the water freely. How to start swimming as hobby!

1. Sign up for Swimming Lesson

I love my money too much to spend for swimming lesson, plus I don't like the pressure of being told on what to do. hehehe... but for others who would love to learn swimming. Highly recommended to enroll yourself for swimming class. This will get you guaranteed time in a pool and also motivation to learn well.

I just watch some youtube swimming lesson and then ask my friend who can swim to jump in the pool with me to guide and comment on my swimming. The rest is all about my own perseverance. He don't need to teach me so much though! As usual this woman , act smart all the time ...hahahaha

2. Get some goggles

I need this because of my eye sight is not that good without glasses or lens. So I bought myself goggles with power for to be able to see people in the pool. Plus goggles is good to protect eyes from that thick chlorine in swimming pools.

3. Better Swim Suit

Ladies! don't focus on getting the revealing swimsuit. Swim suit is not a bout looking sexy or whatsoever. Just focus on getting the flexible one for easier movement in the pool and better protective swim suit. If you are going for outdoor swimming pool better get yourself the long sleeve one. Or you end up with half part roasted body!I applied lots of sunscreen eventhough mine is indoor pool.

4. Head Cover

I don't like the idea of me wearing the head cover because I look awful wearing it. But for the sake of protecting my hair from chlorine I just bear with it and face the fact I look ugly in the pool.

5. Get Comfortable in the Water

First step to learn swimming is to get comfortable inside the water. You will be able to float and swim eventually.

6. Never Give Up

If you happens to share the pool with young kids who able to swim and you still crawling over trying to float....Don't Give Up!

On my third time in the pool , I find myself able to float easily and swim freestyle. A bit tiring because I haven't learn how to breathe yet. But my next target in my 4th times in the pool to be able to breathe while swimming so I can go further.

My friend told me I am a bit weird because most people learn frog style but me unable to do so and immediately go for freestyle. I just find it uncomfortable to do that because my friend keep telling me why my bit butt keep floating above the water and it look funny. WTH!

There is another story about this Auntie who jump into the public pool with snorkeling goggles and flippers. She is not a good swimmer at all but she just jump in and flip flip...look funny though because whenever she pass by everybody feels a bit disturb because she splash the water too much and its like one big boat just pass by. I am telling you this is not for laugh. But I admire her courage and over come the fear. Actually not even fear. She just don't give a damn when people call her whale passing by. Don't care what others will look at you. Never too late to learn something. All you need is to put all your heart and open your mind to get you there.

I really wish to be able to swim better soon because it really helps my waist problem.

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