Sunday, April 28, 2019

Shopping Time with SGshop

Online shopping is not surprisingly 'dirt cheap' if you really find a good supplier. You can get almost everything with a price that doesn't even burn your wallet. Unfortunately, most of these sellers are from Chinese e-commerce website. I usually shop through my trusted online agent SGshop. I have been using their service for many years now. SGshop eliminates many barriers for me and makes online shopping cross border a lot easier.

1. Communication 

The language barrier is always a problem for a non-Chinese speaker like me. Sometimes the product photo looks super tempting to buy but unable to read the Chinese character for the details descriptions since the website is in Chinese without any translation options. Worst if I am looking for something for specific in particular but hard to communicate this to the potential seller at the other end of the world. At SGshop they listed all items in English and with easier understandable descriptions. 

2. Payment

You know we are in the era of Alipay and Wechat pay. We can't register and do a cross border transaction using those. I know what you are thinking, we have PayPal and so on. This option is seriously limited and not many offer these options though. Payment mode is secure with wide options from secure credit card to online payment transfer. You don't even have to worry about extra bank charges shopping with SGshop.

3. Delivery

I am not sure about you but as for my experience did the transaction with China is like hell. Especially the delivery part. No one explains on customs clearance part. You can't even give up the items which are stuck at the custom and end up paying an expensive price for items clearance. Your time cost goes to custom and on added up. Burn my wallet deeply. From packaging to customs clearance completed by SGshop on your behalf. You don't need to leave your house or receive a message your items stuck at custom. Everything delivers at our doorstep. I remember buying a shelf which is considered big items and all reached me hassle free.

4. Quality Control

Most of the price is super cheap but that doesn't mean we are to accept the bad quality. We don't have anyone to even verify and check the quality for us. When the item reached you if it is good then good for you. But if the item is total garbage, can you apply for a refund? Some seller is smart they will say 7 days money back guarantee but provided the item reached them by then. Who is bearing the shipping cost back? SGshop has a warehouse in China and they will check our items before delivery. Anything doesn't meet the quality expectation will be sent back to the seller for replacement. This is a seriously good service.

5. Refund and Compensation

If you find the items reach you are not as ordered or even damage item, you can always talk to your agent who will then deal with the seller at the other end.

Sharing is Caring! Mother's Day and Raya season shopping are coming soon. SGshop is having a good promotion in May 2019 for all of us.

SG Shop Promotion May 2019 Sale :

Event date: 1st May to 31st May 2019
Event details: SGCoupon RM5 will be giving away through clicking and copy the code. Every single user can get SGCoupon within the promotion period.

Event date 1st May - 7th May 2019
Event details: 15% air shipping off + 50% service fee discount for total spending amount (First payment) reaches RM100 or above.

Event date: 11th May to 13th May 2019
Event details: 10% sea shipping discount

Event date: 15th May - 20th May 2019
Event details: Get1SGreward Shard for every RM1 spent. Every10 SGreward Shard redeemable for RM1 SGreward. Shard limited earned from purchase order (First Payment) only

Event date: 21st May - 31st May 2019
Event details: Grab green packet. Chances to win a reward for RM10, RM5, and RM2

For those who still new to SGshop - SGshop is a trusted online platform that helps you buy and ship a wide range of products when you shop internationally. The platform gives members access to thousands of international online stores and take the worry of international shipping. I have tried their service a few times, I would say they are fast reliable and affordable.

You can start shopping here:

I personally looking forward to 15% air shipping off + 50% service fee discount for total spending amount (First payment) reaches RM100 or above on 1st May - 7th May 2019.

Jom let us shop for Raya celebration!

For my readers, you are getting extra. Just enter promo code: MAYSALE2019 for 10% service fee.


  1. Tak pernah lagi shopping melalui sgshop ni tapi pernah survey , mmg murah jugak barang2 dlm sg shop ni

  2. i bought an item form sgshop before and OK je everything came in a good condition! btw hi im Suzai from :)

  3. It was great to know about this. Thanks for sharing a very informative things. I never try to buy from SgShop but I think, I should try today . SgShop have the good feedback when I am reading your entry. Thanks!

  4. iols belum lagi try shopping dekat SGShop ni..bercambah dah sekarang shopping ur choice la nak yang mana..pilihan di tangan anda..

  5. wah got raya sale! okay now i can shopping here with more discount especially for this raya! thank you ya for sharing

  6. wah! terima kasih sudi berkongsi pengalaman tentang SGshop. tak pernah dengar sebelum ni. sebagai penggemar online shopping, lepas ni dah boleh cuba membeli belah di SGshop.

  7. Sekarang ni banyak website tuk shopping. Harga pun okay, murah.
    Tapi sgshop ni kita tak pernah lagi la shopping kat situ. Dulu pernah survey survey je la. Ada jugak yang menarik perhatian.

  8. thank you sharing voucher code tu.. pernah gak beli dgn SGshop dulu.. puashati la..

  9. Bought with sgshop twice before. so far i am quite satisfy with the service. but there is some item that is kind of ruin. i guess it was during the delivery

  10. Wahhh. .. Time for shopping! Sale sana sale sini. Wajib usha dulu ni, kot ada yang berkenan di hati. Belum pernah shopping kat sini, nampak sale kaw-kaw! Nanti kita pi terjah

  11. Tak pernah dengar pasal sgshop sebelum ini. Nampak menarik. Boleh try shopping sini next time.

  12. wow this is such a good news especially during this festive season. lot of things want to buy, so having this discount and sales are a good time for us to shop. lets shopping with SGSHOP !

  13. Never came across this SGShop. Sounds a good place to do some shopping.

  14. SG shop ni mmg famous. Barang yang dijual agak murah dan berbaloi. Tapi lagi bagus kalau beli banyak. Untuk selonggok macam tu

  15. Oh i seeeee, i faham why is good sebab ada kes orang beli from china sendiri tak dapat nak berunding last2 barang kelaut. Better ada safe platform and easy to use macam ni kan.

  16. wah.. ada sale untuk raya.. best ni.. dah lama tak shopping dengan SG Shop.. sebelum ni macam-macam beli dekat SG Shop.. kebanyakan barang harraz la.. hehehe.. ada lagi sampai sekarang

  17. Wahhhh kalo lebih penjimatan dan terjamin why not kan kita cuba shopping di sgshop ni

  18. Tak.pernah lagi shopping kat sgshop ni. Kalau ok bolehlah sis cuba survey nanti, manalah tau kot2 mana yg berminat bolehlah beli

  19. Never tried shop at SG Shop. I see many people shopping here nowadays. Surely it's reliable and convenience. I should try once. Thanks for sharing


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