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[Travelogue Guilin, China] Don't Miss Out West Street at Night in Yangshuo

After back from exploring Ancient Town, Xingping, I get some 30 minutes rest before head out to grab some dinner and explore West Street at night. I only have one night at Yangshuo before continuing my journey to Longsheng the next day.

For those who took a Li River Cruise day trip may have a chance to explore West Street at day time for around one hour. But I was told its more happening at night. That's the reason I booked a room to overnight here.

Pavillion opposite place I stayed. Can see the beautiful Li River view from here
West Street is less than 5 minutes walking distance from the place I stayed. Seriously, this place is super convenient. Check my earlier post if you want to book this place. But before I walked over to West Street for quick dinner, I took the opportunity to enjoy the view of Li River after sunset.

It's low tide during this time. So I manage to walk down and take a quick stroll along the river. Some local will find the river snails and fish during this time too.

The view is different from this level but still, I can see a row of karst mountain. Gorgeous view! They will light up the river bank beautifully after dark.

West Street in Yangshuo exist ever since 590 AD during the Sui Dynasty and I read it is more than 1,400 years old. This makes this place is the oldest street in Yangshuo. The street was named due to its location on the West of the County.

I discovered a variety of food from local to international here. I noticed not just in Yangshuo but in Guilin overall, the locals here love to eat charred Durian. I am not a big fan of durian but really amazed on how they grilled the durian in aluminium foiled and enjoy the charred durian as a snack food. I bet it tastes creamy and delicious! 

Why I said you should consider to overnight in Yangshuo for at least a night? The West Street kind of happening with beautiful lights up and the never-ending crowds make this place more vibrant. For those clubbing goers, this place is kind of perfect for you at night too. Their club kind of in a glass shop and outside people can see through on what is happening inside. I am not trying to support women exploitation but only at night people like me who never been into the club can see what is going on in there; I have the video which I upload in my Youtube Channel. You can also view from the link below.

I grab some garlic grilled oyster and steamed yam for my dinner that night. The food portion is kind of big. So, that's all I can eat for that night. You can check out my video in the link below this post for more bizarre and exotic food which discover at West Street Yangshuo.

I mentioned in my previous Guilin Travelogue, their speciality here is Gui Hua or Osmanthus flower and Monk Fruits. So you can find many osmanthus flower tea and osmanthus flower snacks here.

Guilin is also famous for nougat and milk candies. I tried those roses nougat and it tastes seriously delicious. I thought it will be kind of you know the texture either hard and difficult to chew but I amazed the nougat here is crispy and kind of hook for more with only one bite. Most snacks come with really beautiful design packaging. Just like those in Japan. So, it really perfect souvenirs if you in Guilin.

I bought some flower tea to enjoy up in Longsheng. I read it's going to be a cold-weather up there tomorrow. So hot strawberry tarts tea can warm up my body.

For those who love chillies, here is the perfect place to shop for some those homemade chillies too. I love to wall around this place since most of those sellers not very pushy and they kind of creative when it comes to displaying their items and attracting the customers to walk into their shop. They even wear the tribes' costumes and sing the song with passion.

You can check out those in my video in the link below

This place gives me the vibes as if the night is not going to end. My leg feels really weak at this point but since my hotel kind of near, I don't really feel like going back to the room and rest. hahaha

I find one quiet corner to sit and enjoy the night and view in front of me.

The Starbuck here is really stunning too. I love the old building design. so this place kind of perfect for me too. There are many other local cafes here too. It's more worth to visit the local cafe here.

For those avid Instagrammer, you can find every corner here as a perfect backdrop. There is one basement Supermarket. I was thinking about exploring but I can't stand the smells of that place. So I made a 'U' turn and end up sit by the nearby bench to enjoy the live band.

I guess my limit has come to end. I made a move back to the Hotel and thinking about climbing up the staircase to my room really worried my knee a lot. hahaha

I will continue West Street Yangshuo exploration in the morning since my car will only come at 12 noon.

I recorded my happening Night exploration at West Street Yangshuo in below video. Check it out!

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