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Cosmoderm Luminous A Retinol Review

In general, most people are advised to start using retinol in their mid-20s. Why do we need retinol for our skin? Well, this is because collagen and elastin production starts to slow down. Adding retinol into our skincare routine at age of 25 to 30 is the perfect time to slow down the ageing process. So, what is retinol that people are hyping about? In short, retinol is a topical product containing a vitamin A derivative. Technically speaking a type of retinoid which works to increase collagen production. It helps to treat acne, and blackheads and is also ideal to improve skincare texture such as minimising fine lines, and wrinkles and brightening dull skin. Personally, I am a beginner in adding Retinol into my skincare routine. At the age of 47 years old. I guess, am afraid to start one because I read many side effects if use it wrong.  What is the side effect if you use retinol wrong?  Retinols can increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight. So, it is advisable to apply this at

How To Renew Passport Malaysia Online

  It has been a long time ever since hold my passport. Time to renew the passport. Recently, The Malaysian Immigration Department announced that Malaysian international passport renewals must be done online. In another word, anyone in Malaysian needs to be IT savvy.   Although, they did mention the offline passport renewal only on a case basis. Below are some of the cases listed for walk-in passport renewals : 👉 First timer citizen 60 years and above 👉 Children under the age of 13 years 👉 Citizens going for Hajj 👉 Students who are studying abroad aged 21 years and under 👉 Citizen with fingerprint problem 👉 Citizen who lost or damage the old passport How to renew a passport online? Step 1: Visit Immigration's website. Click on the blue " Setuju " which means Agree. Don't know why the English version of that website not working at the time, I visited. Does anyone else have the same issue? Step 2:  Fill in the information required in the MyOnline Passport form Ju

Marrybrown App Deals & Rewards , Save Your Wallet

  I visited Marrybrown to check out their '40% viral deals'. It's still available! You can purchase as low as RM2.90 from Marrybrown using the apps. Do you love deals? Who don't, right? Recently, I discover, that Marrybrown the Malaysian-based halal-certified fast food chain restaurant has launched a mobile phone application. There are benefits and offers in this application.  How to download the Marrybrown app? Easy breezy! Step 1 - Download Marrybrown (MB) App at Google Playstore or AppStore Step 2 - Register your details Step 3 - Redeem If you download the Marrybrown App now, you are entitled to FREE 1 piece of MB Crispy Chicken. How to redeem in-app Deals? (METHOD 1) Deals Section on Home Tab: Step 1 - On your, Hompage, scroll through the deals and click on the deal you are interested in. Step 2 - Once you click on the selected deals, you will see further descriptions of the deal selected. Step 3 - Press ' Redeem' Step 4 - Check out the deals redeemed under

Tips To Choosing The Right Course For Further Study

  As someone who is completing high school soon, I bet many still searching and wondering which course is suitable for you to continue studying to higher learning. Many people may write, that you need to choose what you love in order to find happiness in life. To be honest, some of us have no liberty to study the course for the sake of happiness in life but more on survival. I would rather advise the young one to pursue study in the course that able them to earn for a living. Here are some tips on making the filtration on the right college, university and course to narrow down to where you want to be - very quickly. 👉 Acknowledge your existing skill set and experience 👉 Think about what interests you more 👉 Take into consideration career prospects and employment opportunities 👉 Where would you like to study? Have you heard about Saito University College? Saito University College was founded in the year 1988 by Mr Tetsuo Saito as the Saito Academy of Design. Now Saito has been estab

Finally Found A Comfortable Shoes

  I haven't gone shopping for shoes, for more than 4 years now. Not an easy task for me too with my bunion feet condition. Most of the shoes that suit my feet' condition isn't stylish at all. I feel like an old lady walking in the shoes I wore.  Recently, I found Lucca Vudor by chance. Decided to browse around and find myself end up went on shoe shopping. The designs are totally eye candy to me. But then...reality snap-out!  Can I pull that off? Will the shoes suit me? Are my feet going to be in pain just for the sake of slipping into fashionable and trendy shoes, like other women do? But hey! never try never know, right? Why not, give this one a try? It has been 4 years stuffing my feet into an old 'Auntie' 's shoes for the sake of my feet well being. Yeah! note this, I am not one person who will sacrifice my feet just to look good. I know the pain and I don't want to live in pain to please the fashion vibes. I decided to gamble my feet away. 😁 My choice i

Hada Labo's We Care For Society Campaign Benefit B40 Entrepreneurs and Communities

  I swear on Hada Labo skincare for many years now. So far, the skincare range from Hada Labo gives goodness to my skin. What do I love about Hada Labo other than my favourite skincare? Well, Hada Labo gives back to the community. This year is the third year marked, Hada Labo in partnership with Women of Will (WoW) and Watsons running the 'We Care For Society Campaign'. In conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri's celebration, Hada Labo will be supporting both the B40 women tailors as well as the B40 women bakers in their business. 12 B40 women entrepreneurs in the Community Sewing Centre at People's Housing Project Lembah Subang will be assigned to sew 1,500 customised face masks while ten B40 women entrepreneurs from People Housing Project Batu Muda will bake 10,000 pieces of cookies for distribution to 500 families living in five different People's Housing Project around Klang Valley. According to WoW Chief Operating Officer Lakshwin Muruga, for the past two ye

The All-New Flavor Ribena Simply Strawberry range by Suntory

  Perfect Drink for Ramadan Month and Raya Day Ribena is more than just Blackcurrants!  Recently, I get the chance to try out the Ribena Simply Strawberry. This range is a mark for Ribena's first venture in flavours outside their usual flavour - blackcurrant.  I tasted the drink and it contains a good Strawberries taste and is not as sweet as I think it is. The Ribena Simply Strawberry is rich in Vitamin C and has no artificial sweeteners. It's totally a good treat during the breaking fast since Ramadan month is around the corner. Perfect thirst-quenching after a whole day long fasting! Well, it's a perfect drink to serve your esteem guest during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri day too. Ribena Simply Strawberry is suitable for all occasions and lifestyles!  Ribena Drink This new range consists of  : 🍓 Ribena-staple 1 litre cordial - just one serving (200ml) fulfils our 100 per cent daily Vitamin C requirements, which make it perfect to share with family and friends; 🍓 Ribena Str

EPF Withdrawal : The Fourth Withdrawal Is Like Killing People Golden Years

  Recently, most Malaysians have been grateful to the government's decision to allow a fourth withdrawal from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Grateful? Frankly, speaking nothing great about that decision at all. This is the fourth withdrawal for goodness sake. Repeat again the fourth withdrawal of our retirement savings. How could we feel thankful to allow a withdrawal from our own money? Is it a wise move to withdraw your EPF for the fourth time? We should only feel grateful if the government funds that aid. They are using the reason the country transitions to the endemic phase. Most people are using the reason for the recent flood and settling the debt with the EPF withdrawals.  My question here is if the government is sincerely thinking to help the people, why make them pay using their own future money. Where are all the money gone? Massive leakages and criminal breaches of trust by a few prominent leaders who have caused the Malaysian to be in this situation to dip into the

Now Malaysian Drivers Can Renew Their AXA Car Insurance Online With

  Now Malaysian Drivers Can Renew Their AXA Car Insurance Online With   Car Insurance protects you against accidents, theft, third-party liabilities, natural disasters, & other unforeseen circumstances. Renewing your insurance policy immediately after it expires means you and your vehicle will stay protected from the financial losses of these unfortunate events. Renewing your auto insurance policy with the right insurance company that cares about your specific needs is very important to get the best deal well suited for you.   As one of Malaysia's best car insurance companies, AXA Affin General Insurance offers a plethora of auto insurance services specifically tailored to your needs. Their SmartDrive Enhanced product is designed to give you maximum protection in case of unexpected circumstances. In addition, they also provide several add-ons such as windscreen damage, car damage due to a riot or strike, liability towards harm caused to your passengers, Special Peri

Zalora TENTASTIC Birthday Sale Starts On 20th March 2022

  Happy TENTASTIC Birthday, Zalora! During my time living life as an office working girl, Zalora has always been my favourite online shopping place. Things that I usually bought from Zalora is Handbag and working attire. Working attire from an online store? Some may sceptical, just in case the sizing wasn't right for you. Worry not! You can try it on, if it doesn't fit you, just pack it nicely as it reached you and return it for an exchange or refund within the stipulated time. No question ask! That's the best feature that makes me still a loyal shopper at Zalora from time to time. Over time, Zalora has many other items added and now has transformed into a one-stop platform for our fashion trend needs. I was so overwhelmed when reading the news they are celebrating Zalora's TENTASTIC  Birthday. Oh my God! they have been around in Malaysia for 10 years already? I know this popular Malaysia online fashion store ever since they just enter Malaysian Market. I bet Zalora has

Changing The Title From Retiree To Investor

  The title kind of misleading tho!😅 I used that title because can't think of anything else. I am now in my second year living as a full-time retiree. Never to my imagination to retire before 50 years old. I feel embarrassed with my title when I decided to quit my job and live my life to the fullest at the age of 46 years old. But now, I have accepted my official title with an open heart. It's a good thing anyway. Nothing wrong with not working as long as one can afford to do so, right! Far from rich but adopting a simple living is what I am doing now.  My daily routine is kind of simple. I started my morning with an exercise routine for better health. Then enjoy a cup of morning coffee while spacing out on my sofa while listening to calming music from YoutTube Music. Water my mini garden. Sort of! 😑 I don't have a 'green hand' to make my plant grow well. Ahh... But I tried my best to diligently give them water tho! I only do my house chores on weekly basis but ma

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